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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,145

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

So a Russian spy a klan member and televangelists walk into a bar

The bartender says fellas the republican convention is next door.

Update 07:58

I heard this at work last night

A observation, So it's treasure of Sierra madre this morning boog Duncan and bones

Sitting at the bar having coffee with my wife I passed out bones earlier , two furry meatheads happy wagging tails at first.

Now boog and Duncan dobbs and curtain will stop look at each other to see the progress that each other is making. And will tear back into the bones and growl what are you looking at my bone.

Mr big paws the thirteen year old golden retriever is laying next to the bar near my wife his significant other, I told my wife mr big paws is Howard from the movie.

These two boog and dunk need to attend online services tonight with my wife and mother in law , I said you greedy heathens are pitiful.

Maga evangelicals republican jaysus

And President god filled their baskets with pork rinds and turned water into national bohemian beer.
The magats sang out in praise.

Read to me by my wife this morning as she is looking at Twitter.

So I came clean to my wife thirty years ago I tried phone sex

It didnít work out the holes were too small

Dear republican Jesus thank you.

For 40 years of reganomics that was tried repeatedly and never worked and has totally decimated the middle class.
Thank you republican Jesus that Elon musk made 36 billion in one day this week then Elon cried if they tax me Iíll have to pay ten billion. I know republicans Jesus if you live in the country that you made big cash really why should you be taxed.
And lord I wanna say Iím 55 and as kid I liked tang cuz of the public funded space program as kid science works.

Dear lord thank you for the 70 million trumpig voters that do not understand civics why just the other day I was told by a trump supporter fascism is ok. I replied no itís not are you a idiot you simple fuck , the trump voter replied the north invaded the south over states rights. At that moment Jesus I felt like just beating the trumpig voter , why because of stupid.

My friend text me that he's doing so well financially

That he is no longer cutting his windex with water just straight windex for this Baron he said in his text You know Iím happy for him.

A husband said to his wife

I bet you canít tell me something that would make me happy and sad at the same time.

The wife responded your penis is bigger than your brothers.

Dunk pup has had busy day defending against serial killer packages delivery people

My wife will say dunk calm down chill stop barking, Dunk has his tail flying like flag growling stranger danger defender of the house mr dunk as the delivery person will knock on door to let us know package is on porch.

Then dunk will jump back up on the couch with me and sigh and or moan laying down. Man the lady doesnít give one shit about home security, she doesnít realize Iíve been saving her bum all day long from being murderized. From serial killing delivery people I tell him you mr just awesome, Iíve seen less vicious Warsaw pack dogs than you years ago dunk you scare me ok man thanks rub my belly.

Thanks Boog

Was over at a friends watching college ball, and my knucklehead spots a lone M&M under their coffee table and knocks over a lamp and a lit candle trying to crawl under coffee table to get the M&M we left it was just awkward.

On the way home I said thanks Quasimodo you know I didnít order the colleges or the nfl package this year, I got a ok man look I then asked have you ever heard of Mrs oí Learyís cow uh man canít say I have.

Just a thought telecasters are just so pure

A friend of our sons came over last night to jam, and he was playing a Michael Kelly 50ís model loaded with fralin pickup steel pole 42ís. Nice guitar kid got it last year used off Craigís list $250 used made in Indonesia awesome player beautiful tone as is the guitar, Leo fender kept it simple two single coils then tone volume knobs and well with this Kelly it has four different tones with the switch.
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