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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,970

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The boog

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Question a habit you carried over from the military

Me hot sauce on certain foods especially on eggs. At the unit mess hall in garrison or out in the field hot sauce now garrison chow was good just something about eggs spice them up.When we would get a hot breakfast out in the field pull the hot sauce out of fatigue pocket and spice up the powdered eggs.

The shittiest MRE ever created turkey and ham loaf yup I havenít eaten in like a day so Iím gonna eat this shit in a bag add hot sauce. Only other option was to see if your bud in fighting position would wanna trade never happened.

Me- hey bro you wanna trade
Battle bud - fuck you man
Me - thinking huh I wonder if I beat him with my
butt yea nope visions of military prison barracks Leavenworth pull out the hot sauce for the turkey ham loaf
Battle buddy- Hey bro Iím out of Tabasco can I get some of yours for my beef stew.

Same for C-rats especially the ham and green beans hot sauce.

Going to the plt sgtís house Christmas dinner eating a great meal of beef and kimchi prepared by his wife. Taking the first bite spicy no hot sauce needed as you guzzle a glass of water.

This morning I made eggs pancakes added Frankís red hot to my eggs mixed everything on my plate with syrup. My son goes god dad that is disgusting.

A stop the steal rally of 3 people at square

On my way home from bakery trump is president sign and trump flag 2024. The one person had a sandwich board I could not make out what it said. I was thinking weíre in it with these people for long haul dealing with them is what I meant. And they scare me in their worship of trump and that they would be ok living under a dictatorship.

I'm pulling a Ted Cruz in blame no I did not blame the boog

My mother in law and I sitting at the bar having coffee Iím on lap top looking at daiwa regal 1000 ultralight spinning reels. My wife walks in and says how many reels do you have with max effective range of full snark. And then my mother in law gave me a sarcastic look.

I replied quite few mid and ultralights reels. So I just blamed the looking at these reels on my mother in law as her and I sat at kitchen bar having coffee.

I frightened myself as Iím usually a stand up guy yet this was so easy blaming her. Boys got a charge out of it

As a person who is into science boog and man. Iím amazed that the technology is filtering down from the $150-$200 reels in which Iíd never buy. To what we buy in the $50-$100 price were hard on gear and we use it heavily.

If you can't pay a living wage then why you running a business

My thoughts and reply to all who says we cannot raise minimum wage. Yea itís bullshit the progression till 2025

Was at local sheetz getting Sunday papers and my wife a peanut butter hot chocolate. Well they were running behind making the food drinks. And a guy in-line said they already pay the employees $15 hour theyíre not getting productivity out of workers .

I did not say word as I stood in my sweats pants my carhart clearly this dude is not himself getting the benefit of our vulture capitalism at moment.

Yet he feels attempting to lift folks out of poverty is going to hurt him.

So I'm on day bed reading with nine month old Duncan pup his paws touching my chest

Heís so sweet I get a furry golden tummy to rub and then he drifts into sleeping. And then the smelly dog gas starts my wife asked me as she sits in recliner. Is that Duncan pup that smells I said yup heís out cold. My wife said wow he stinks I said heís relaxed and feeling safe. Wait until we snuggle later when Iím relaxed . I said you know I had two bowls of homemade chili today dear and lady Duncan and man will be sleeping together tonight.

I told my wife we should take a cruise leave the kids at home.

It was a long night at work 15:00 to 03:00

Teb - talking to my wife around 9 pm we should take a cruise to someplace warm. Leave the kids at home we have never been on a cruise.

My dear wife - what are you talking about going on a cruise. Weíre in a pandemic and weíre not leaving the boys. And those ships are floating Petri dishes.

Teb - Itís called a Ted Cruze dear.

A friend at work told me this joke.

Dog farts axe body wash and icy hot

A kitchen full of odors as I sit at the bar having coffee.
Boys showered ready for cyber school axe body wash and spray
Just put icy hot on my wifeís shoulder
And at least one of the three dogs wreak as their laying by old kitchen cook stove enjoying the heat.

Cyber school mess hall today it is a buffet

Dad is serving Buffalo chicken on tortillas with blue cheese sauce.
Six boneless breast into crockpot
Add one stick salted butter on top breast
Chopped onions bell peppers
Add one bottle Frankís red hot sauce
Cook on low for eight hours

Or Italian sausages sliced sausage add string cheese inside sausage cover in marinara diced onions bell peppers bake 45 minutes 400 degrees

I love easy meals it is our three boys and two of their friends.

Do you share people food with your dogs we do

So two large Stromboli arrive we order and boog the chocolate lab our twelve year old golden retriever and Duncan golden retriever pup in line mooching. You know I just canít say no Iím not sharing I see their eyes and I melt and I share itís the dog cute look I canít fight I am a weak man.

As a person that believes in socialism

And I get frustrated by the republicans in their fear of socialist. These right wing nuts spend six days week telling us the evils of socialism. Yet on the seventh day they show up in church worshiping the son of God who was a socialist.
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