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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,970

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The boog

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When I unplug the wi fi modem

And I hear the boys bedroom doors open and they holler is the modem turned on as theyíre playing online games. Iíll ask why oh ok let dad reboot the dam thing.

So Iíll wait for awhile and unplug it Iíll wait plug it in again then get hollered at from upstairs and Iíll say itís ok Iíll reboot it again and Iíll get thanks dad. If you canít aggravate your kids whatís the use.

They need to bring back toys in cereal boxes , I'm just saying

I am having my second bowl of Reeseís puffs and I add peanut butter out of the jar. At 55 I remember the toys in cereal boxes we us older boys always gave them to our younger two brothers.

Although today all toys could be mine.

Name one thing the repigs have ever done to help the middle class

Iíll go first not a fucking thing.

Fever chills headache from moderna #2 all cool no complaints I'm glad I'm in pipeline

Was vaxxed Thursday afternoon headache all day Friday then Friday night around 22:00 it hit. It hit me yet weíre in war and fuck the Qassholes.

Example awhile ago my ill informed dunning Krueger infected neighbors down the road Michelle Bachmann clone and her hubs their QVANGELICAL talibangelist mike hucksterbee lookalike.

They were Qsplaining to me one day as I was walking the dogs. In taking the vax Iím taking the mark of the beast. Yet in same breath they tell me trump brought us the vaccines through the grace of god.

Iím like wait and I said you know he fights scientist they both refused to respond and kept on telling me how fauci was Illuminati. And once Iím vaxxed Iíll be subjected to demonic possession. So this is what we deal with on the right fucking grown adults thinking this way theyíre brainwashed.

Our boys are going into school today career day

They are both excited they will see friends they have not seen in over a year. A day off from cyber school and to these guys thatís great. Our school district really is offering a diverse program anywhere from culinary to barbering to construction trades careers in technology itís awesome for the students. My wife is like you both are in college prep pay close attention doing the technology and engineering presentation. I said pay close attention if you go to the barbering so we can do the dogs.

I planned a nice breakfast for this morning I stopped and picked up the industrial order of bacon frozen home fries and I made eggs and It was a grab and growl at the kitchen bar , furry boys were in attendance they signed up as professional mooches for career day.

Iím bouncing our one son he spent a lot of time on his hair this morning. I told my wife and his brothers he wants to look good for erica he has the Duane allman look with hair and peach fuzz beard. I told him itís career day kiddo not a episode of love boat he said well asked whatís a love boat.

All of our children have lost so much in this pandemic the deaths of parents grandparents one on one education. Covid would have came anyway regardless to our country yet the former guy and his cult or as I think Qult. Through their dereliction and incompetence made it into a how fucked up is fucked up reality.

Took Boog the chocolate lab and Duncan pup to my second vax this afternoon

It happened at a rural pharmacy / clinic and as I sat in hallway waiting after I checked in. Somebody pulled in next to my vehicle and had well I found out later it was three Yorkshire terrier when I left. Anyhow Iím sitting waiting they have doors open in clinic to let the fresh air in raining out smells great rain on warm day.

Yup the trash barking was on between my two furry anchor children and the car with the Yorkshire terriers. Iím sitting there and the people waiting were commenting wow those dogs sound upset I didnít claim my two. I just played it cool reading my I phone.

They called my name I replied here letís do it took the vax and headed out Iím not waiting around the fifteen minutes to see if any side effects. Walking through hallway yup they were still trash barking. The windows were slobbered covered as I got into vehicle my two still exchanging barks with the gang of yorkies cool mans here letís kick ass man we can take these mother fluffers.

I left pulled into lower parking lot poured the two water into styrofoam cup they were thirsty . My wife asked how it went I said painless only side effects was shit barking.

So my girlfriend is accusing of me cheating

So i told her she is starting to sound like my wife

A man is incomplete until he is married. After that

He is finished.

Forty years of the gym teacher teaching civics

Is the reason we are where we are today with the repigs and trumpublicans. My wife just mentioned that as I read to her lady freedom returns post at 03:02 am this morning. Taking a sip of my coffee I thought shit sheís correct as my gym teacher taught sex Ed civics and drivers Ed on top of gym class. So that explains a lot in my graduating class we had three teenage mothers and one couple that were going to get married the weekend after graduation because of a baby on the way.

My mother in law's birthday is coming up she likes bath products she told me

So I said sure no problem Iíll get you a toaster
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