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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,024

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The boog

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Anybody want three smart ass boys ages 11-16-17

Warning they can kick your ass if you start shit with them. One trigger is pulling the hair you see on their butt cheeks as they are bent over looking in the fridge.

34 years married Boog and Duncan, I feel betrayed my wife chocolate mint ice cream.

She loves it the flavor , yet I feel betrayed boog the chocolate lab and Duncan pup are mooching off my wife for bites. Iím like ok guys what happened to traditional flavors vanilla chocolate that man shares with you both , the bros before ladies I thought we were a brotherhood. Chocolate mint ice cream is like instant coffee it just evil fellas 😂😉 the furry boys are like get a grip man you are on your own on this fight we love the lady.

Veteran of peleliu passed Bobby a fine American

My one brother called me let me know Bob passed away this morning 96 years old. So I post he Robert passed away alone only close family he had was a sister who passed eleven years ago. He has grandchildren yet he outlived his children, so Iíll attend his viewing and funeral all respect.

I grew up around bob he was a steel mill worker all Union. Me Iím teamster 34 years, he never talked about the war World War Two, years later I read how those men went ashore in peleliu had no water to drink after the first day. And the navy just filled up 55 gallon drums , never cleaned the barrels out and the combat vets drank that water. I would drank that water out 55 gallons drums as well ,being thirsty will work you as former infantry soldier I know and I did not have put up with Japanese.

Pennsylvania the Mississippi of the north , abortion repigs Old Testament thinking

Once again our GQP is going total 700 club and trying to advance a abortion bill. We can pick and choose as a fake evangelical to satisfy our base, I emailed my local state repig representative and asked , ok can we outlaw bacon as well Leviticus 11 or deutoronomy 14:8 in eating pigs. And on top of this you used one million tax payers dollars in support of trumpig big lie , can you pay us back , they make me sick.

So I asked my gop rep what about former republican Pennsylvania rep mike follmer. Sentence 15 years child porn , you pigs better clean your own house before trying to go biblical on us.

Dammit boog you are supposed to be mans best friend.

Shit head went back inside for air conditioning and to crash on the day bed , Iíll drink coffee alone Iíll remember this mutiny.

Boog - man Iím 77 in dog years or eleventy get a grip.

For the Union Du community, Taking care of young Union members

Company gave disciplinary letter to road driver, delay of freight. Young guy is extra board which is no bid, you work 10-14 hours and you go home and sleep at all odd hours and in ten hours they are calling you to come work do it again. This morning young Union guy searched me out Iím pinch hitting as Union steward on this shift, playing yard jockey our one steward is out fmla on this shift.

The guy pulls over and naps over steering wheel, Iíve done it many times we all have. So I told him do not sign letter that they tried to give you at dispatch window, then I took him and showed him how to fill out grievance sheet. And all we wrote on it was federal dot regulation 392.3 which states driver is in control over fatigue or illness. Keep it short and simple on grievance and let the company try and argue with dot rules, management assholes. They preach safety until it effects them , rule is out the gate be safe earn big cash and come home to the family.

I heard my wife say I love you

I asked her is that the wine talking, she replied itís me talking to the wine.

So my mother in law had to comment full snark on my knife work, dicing green peppers and onions

Making pepper steak green peppers diced onion over rice.
I find humor in her as my wife they are so much alike.
Mother in law - Where did you learn how to chop vegetables, I know my daughter did not show you the way you are using knife , she continued in telling me the vegetables are not uniformed.

Me - My knife skills yea I learned them fort benning Georgia, bayonet course thrust parry kill . Then I held hands up showing the queen of sarcastic snark all ten fingers. So I handed my mother in law the bag of rice and a knife and said show me how to do it the uniform dicing I do love the woman.

So I asked my wife if she wanted to hear a joke about my penis

I said never mind itís to long, then she replied Iíd tell you a joke about my vagina but youíll never get it.

What is the penalty for bigamy

Two mothers in law
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