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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
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The boog

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Who dresses these people, here we go again the delta variant is a hoax

I overheard two men talking at the grocery store , the delta variant is a hoax . The one looked my way and smirked as I was masked up as my three boys. On the bright side I think my Zoloft is starting to work, As I did not feel any anger towards the two knuckleheads.

My kids bus driver reminds me of mailman in movie funny farm

She hammers on it pedal to floor as she turns left on our road, she has maybe three hundred feet after turn.

Then after kids are seated for summer school I wave to our eleven year old who puts in his ear buds because the bus drivers twangy country music and the bus driver guns it hammer down maybe five hundred feet to another stop sign and turns.

Rumsfeld died oh well he was a remf asshole

Arguing over humvees light armored and our troops getting ambushed and KIA and wounded. Fuck you prick Iraq was a lie , He said you go to war with army you have once again a brave republican who never served his country under a rucksack as infantry soldier.

Yet willing to wash his hands of our dead and wounded W bush is war criminal trying to please daddy. Anyone try murder my old man Iíd be like what the fuck did you do asking to be murdered dad Iím not going to invade a country over this shit.

Guitars today you get a lot for the cash you spend compared to my first guitar

Our son and his friends yesterday listening to them jam. Epiphone 50,s prs se 245 a prs se Paulís guitar which is amazing guitar from Indonesia.I remember my first electric a heit mustang replica with mystery wood as i joke today over.

Price you get a lot of guitar today for the money you spend. I have rule the guys can play any guitar from the herd, yet tone wise with say dimarzio PAF 50,s hum buckers in epiphone not sure of the pots the young man had added, alphas or cts the guitar is tone sweet you get long tenon( no arguing over long short tenon ) long is my preference 😉 , carved top with real maple cap.

As the young man with se 245 upgrades I canít remember itís combination of Iím not sure maybe 57/08 pickup and something else. It makes me smile the tone he has it is a presence in tone. Rolling off the pots and clean to dirty , rambling yet the quality today is amazing. The one guitar slinger is milking cows two summers to buy a prs s2 594 single cut heís $1400 only $300 more to go I told him this 55 year old man canít wait to play it.

And the children of Israel wandered for 40 years

Until Moses wife got fed up and said ask for directions.

Duncan pup nose was working yard he was telling man we have baby birds out there nest man.

Not sure if momma bird forced the two out nest they cannot fly. Yet we picked up the baby birds put them back in nest. I noticed Duncan tail waving and running around yard then he would lay down wagging his tail , like awww these guys so cute so I hope momma bird ok you guys fell out nest. You are not ready to be on your own. I get it Duncan letís just see golden retriever and mans love life.

Duncan pup was on guard this morning, we have a drunk soldier on couch.

04:30 this morning making coffee Duncan was stranger danger barking over young troop home on leave I will interpret.

Duncan - Barking man stop with the coffee we have a intruder on our couch, and he has captured my brother boog.

Boog - Tail thumping cuddling young airborne who is passed out from hard night of drinking at local pub from down the road. Relax Duncan boog says this is a kid we know. Why man and kid and I used to fish together, and do stuff.

So by 04:45 Duncan was in on the couch cuddling as well.
Kid makes me smile he may be high speed E-5 yet his mom has no drinking in her home rule. And he respects his mom and her rules. So heís up wearing pair of my boxers and t shirt weíre built the same around six foot one thirty five ,washing his clothes, I gave him new toothbrush to triple s express.

We are deciding how we want to spend the weekend boys and us hit quarry swim with the dogs. Or go fishing at river wading shorts sandals going after bass. Or just bbq today and relax and jam guitar maybe go Bigfoot hunting tonight, Iíll let young airborne decide it is his leave I love this kid.

My wife would like to go to one of those restaurants that you watch prepare food

I said fine letís get dressed up and go to subway,Any couples want to double date.

I just got fired from the boy band, I'm sure it's not age discrimination

Almost positive it is not age discrimination, artistic differences as guitarist. Iím 55 our son and friends are 15-16 in age, so the guys weíre bouncing off original ideas on guitar. So I sat down and asked here is idea I have for a original let me have your guitar and I started jamming zeppelin Kashmir in standard tuning. The band said thatís zeppelin Kashmir I fired back yes and zeppelin has plagiarized songs yet my lyrics are different.

So my lyrics with opening riff to Kashmir is. The lyrics were Sloppy joe sloppy joe sloppy joe , chorus is hey sloppy joe on a onion roll. These young guitar slingers did not appreciate my artistic vision, and once again I wanted to be the cute deep thinker in the boy band.

Vanessa Guillen act hope it passes, example male on male sexual assault that I knew of

Vanessa Guillen a fine trooper ,was sexually assaulted raped and then murdered. Vanessa reported her rapes yet her chain of command failed her. This act will take any sexual assault and other acts of violence out of the chain of command good ole boy club and hand it off to jag.

Now we have members of congress and our military bitching that by doing it this way will break down unit cohesion I call bullshit on this argument as I can speak from experience. And I will be writing a letter thank goodness for spell and grammar punctuation check on our laptops , a letter to my seditionist congress repig in arguing this response by the way my congress repig is a former soldier.

So late 1985 I catch a PCs to mech leg land west Germany over medical issues broken ankle twice on drops so I PCs from 2/325 pir 82nd yup STDís from the sky the All American. To a mech unit west Germany, one morning weíre getting ready for the day after pt and I notice a young troop in my squad of five we were undermanned, so you remember the yellow pt suits the banana suits, well he has blood on his shorts , me not knowing it was blood at maybe 05:30 standing in our common area in barracks.

I take him aside and ask him whatís up man you sick you crap yourself, Iím thinking troop is sick and he starts with the tears and asked can we talk someplace in private, let me explain I was a corporal acting as squad leader because we were so under strength. So were talking it took awhile in my room. Here this troop was bleeding from his rectum he told me straight out his words crying were corporal they fucked me , Iím not tracking him at moment what he is telling me sobbing, and he tells me he was drinking with two dudes from 2nd platoon in their room it was a Sunday and they raped him were now Monday morning duty.

Please donít say anything corporal as he was sobbing Iím hugging my man trying to comfort him. Yet problem is heís bleeding heavy and I said we gotta go tmc troop medical clinic, and we were fortunate in my 3rd platoon as we had fine NCOís that cared for us. In telling a 3rd platoon staff sgt and platoon sgt , I need your car keys I filled them in took young troop to clinic where he needed to be stitched up. And spent maybe two days in hospital, now unfortunately word travels fast in rifle company.

I knew immediately word was out as I got back to barracks and Iím asked by dudes in my platoon is it true he was fucked asking me out of concern. And dealing with our lieutenant and xo and company commander. Yet among the enlisted ranks people wanted blood from the two rapist for what they done to 18 year old trooper. Now the pig rapist weíre immediately removed from company no clue where they were transferred and one of pig rapist was E 5.

Yet no ucmj was ever taken against them and the young soldier after discharge was transferred to administration clerk position down at division HQ, it was for the best as even though we felt empathy some of us yes we had assholes who cruelly joked over his misfortune. Iíd shut them down those morons, so no prosecution of rapist does not effect morale or cohesion of unit no justice or paybacks do effect unit morale and cohesion. Yes Iím hopeful that this will pass and yes I rant but I remember that young E-2 crying in my room that morning and it still pisses me off.
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