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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,970

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The boog

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If indicted and convicted Scott perry Jim Jordan Ron Johnson

A question for all Du members in the know , what can the doj try and indict these traitors with, looking online I知 thinking election interference is it article 18. And if found guilty is it only five years in the feds, I take personal interest in this well one I strongly believe in constitution and two perry is a congress rep from Pennsylvania that I been wanting to see gone for twelve years.

Thank you for replying in advance I want to see them pay.

The house is back to normal the boys are home.

The boys were at the beach for four days , dad is sitting at the bar having coffee enjoying the chaos. I said to my wife the leftovers are gone , we were not sure if the guys would be home plan was they we池e going to pull out from grandma beach house Sunday maybe Monday.

My wife pulled out some frozen Italian sausage and shells and frozen stir fry we made doing the week. And her and I would finish them up today and tomorrow , they were inhaled by 17-16 -11 year old locust one question asked on stuff shells any garlic bread left dad so now I知 thinking fish fry for today.

They are doing their laundry and triple s express the house once again is smelling of excessive axe body spray. Once again I知 thinking I should order a pro mask from army surplus over the axe body spray. Even the pup was getting worried after day two he was like we lost our boys they are missing man, pup always sleeps with my wife and I last night he crashed with our sixteen year old cuddling.

Even the tube amps are kicking out sonic tone this morning, I guess the sixteen and eleven year old missed their guitars. I even had to text our local dairy delivery guy yesterday to drop off the usual two gallons of milk this morning. My wife and I not big dairy drinkers mostly milk with coffee, so we池e talking about how we want to spend the day community pool or bass fishing. I just couldn稚 stand how quiet the house was for four days.

Vaccinations are up here in my part of magastan

A friend of ours work for penn state health as a RN, and is assigned at moment to vaccine center. She has noticed the schedule is getting booked up.

One day I will just say no people food to our pups

I知 weak when it comes to their eyes the pups so today is not the day that I say no never happen on being a hard ass. Vanilla wafers and peanut butter, our thirteen year old golden woke up do I smell tummy yummies, and then boog the ten year old menace to society. And the our fourteen month old golden retriever pup, ok man share I知 sitting at fourteen months old pack rules I need treat. For man to say no is going to take a lot I知 a sucker.

So I'm thinking come Union rebid over delta variant

Taking 02:00 to 10:00 am bid yard jockey,to watch grandkids. Just paranoid the daycare staff vaccinated very responsible. My fear is the other parents non vaccinated I don稚 know if they are vaccinated or not Grandma works from home quite a bit so she can watch grandkids say from 06:00 till I get home. Then if she needs go into office I have them covered till 16:00 when our daughters pick them up. Then I値l lay down till midnight and go work, just always thinking couple moves ahead as in this is what we have to do.

Morning walks on the local wooded trails I find so relaxing

Even if I知 dragging a dead body

I found all officers testimony im thinking , god fighting hand to hand

Officer Hodges testifying just struck me. Today we heard from fine men , we owe these men a debt.

You know why you never hear rabbits having sex

They have cotton balls.

Boys went to a strip club my wife is mad she asked them what they saw

Their reply they saw dad

Life at 55

When you can remember your child hood home phone number , yet cannot remember the new password you created Thursday for online banking. Dammit I should put it my phone right away.
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