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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 03:00 PM
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My wife asked are you talking to our granddaughter or the Duncan pup

I said both our grand daughter is six months old laying on couch , Duncan is fifteen months old laying on couch on his back , he grabbed my hand in his mouth dunk rub my belly man and we love our kids we cuddle with the baby. And Duncan reinstates his love for our grand child by pushing into her as he lays on his back for tummy rubs. Or Duncan will lick Elizabeth our grand daughter I love you baby.

All love I been down this road with three daughters that our grown now, and a son that is biological ours at 16. Changed diapers been my pleasure as a father being involved with our kids. And now I get to do the same with grandkids and pups.

Did you ever notice that some of the conversations in a marriage

Is hollering in reply WHAT from another room.

Advice to our boys on marriage

Marriage is a relationship where one person is always right, the other person is the husband.

A dyslexic man walks into a bra

It's nice to have a furry 70 pound alarm clock

Boys dragging bum on 05:00 wake up ,go get them pup. I open each bedroom door and walk away listening to grrrr barking children moaning stop Duncan, or come on dunk lay down stop pulling my blankets. Only to hear more grrrr barking morning Du have a good day to you and those you love.

So my wife told me she's not taking juveniles to swim club anymore

For her to swim laps it is her time to swim in the morning, my wife and I have always worked out. She mentioned in the car she can take the 11-16-17 year old not the 55 year old child when she works out and swims laps. Boys and dad usually lift weights and cardio , yet when we hit the pool for exercise. Yes it goes sideways usually no all the time in water noodles hand to hand or trying to drown each other. Go figure I said to my wife in the car you actually go to the pool for exercise huh. Once again women so complicated. I joke yet I love my wife deeply and live life cuz tomorrow we do not know.

It's like the army around here spot inspections , one kid is missing hand sanitizer.

In the backpacks you must have mask and hand sanitizer Lysol wipes , and the eleven year old cannot produce hand sanitizer. And their mom does not mess around itís not the tiny bottles of hand sanitizer, the big bottles these guys could bathe with it. I told the youngster you my boy are very lucky as I care for you no statement of charges for losing it Iíll hook you up. he smiled giggling just grab a new one mom has us stocked up. Gets better our sixteen year old is packing baby wipes , his reasons is the school toilet paper is cheap. For that thinking outside the box I think Iíll give him a Arcom cheese award.

Vote count for dinner the pups voted twice

Cheeseburger casserole 3 Human boys two furry boys vote total 5 votes.
Meatloaf dad one vote two furry boys two votes total 3 votes.
Thumping wags hitting the floor counts as yes votes.

Eleventh grade algebra drama masking up

My boys told me this morning a young man was arguing about wearing mask properly. He said my dad said you are violating my civil rights, then I remembered years ago at father son elementary school breakfast for fathers and sons. That this kid father was telling me Mrs Obama was ruining school lunches and is transgendered. Letís stick with the program people I think letís keep it glued together and work together attending school is great compared to home schooling nope not going to happen working together fuqing idiots.

Sgt Duncan pup and I just bounced the troops first call ,Motivation is lacking.

Yesterday first day of school they weíre excited and ready, today not as much. Waking the guys I heard come on dad just fifteen more minutes or I got a shower last night so wake me at 05:45 not happening people letís move chow is ready so get up and feed those handsome faces. And not one of them got out of bed at 04:45 their alarms were going off, so I went to our bedroom woke up Duncan pup ,get them up get them moving Duncan ok man.

And he does first call so with tail wagging barks licks grrrr grabbing blankets, going from room to room. And now we have three young men sitting at the kitchen bar eating breakfast ready to greet the school day. The bitching continues about getting up I tell them boys I have not had a good night sleep since 84 when I hit the army and then 34 years in teamsters so buck up candy asses. I hear yea sure and you walked up hill both ways , I love these guys dearly.
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