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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,949

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

Vlad is our friend I remember trumpers saying this

Now we have a threat that could suck nato into war, and now will they realize if it escalates it will be their husbands wives daughters and sons getting it in the neck.

They just piss me off so ignorant and gullible spoon fed what and how they should think by Fox tucker and OAN.

My favorite coworker is

The coffee machine my wife said this as she was standing by keurig and planning on working from home.

I just asked this teamster didn't you send your kids to liberty university

I then showed him the article about the Falwells not being religious and swingers , he is Q tribe member I asked him hey you donít think the Falwells were in the basement of that child satanic rapo pizza shop that Flynnís scumbag son talked about where that dude showed up with a weapon later, I said hey didnít becki and junior Falwell bang kids from the band and wasnít your one kid a majorette he gave me the finger oh a drummer ok

A observation at store this morning maga tribe is bitching about COVID

Our district is cyber school until further notice reason COVID explosion, as in the district has had more omicron diagnoses in three weeks than they had COVID positive last year.

At the store I and employees were only mask wearers at deli waiting on my weekly huge block of slice cheese for my troops, the locals no mask on bitching that school is now 100%cyber you would think get with the fucking program clowns.

A rant because weíre never going to get in front of this pandemic I just get so angry and frustrated these Qidiots maga anti mask or anti mask people are a public health threat, yea Iím still waiting on the mothership.

A ? Pork chops for breakfast my wife has always found this odd

Pancakes pork chops eggs home fries this morning my wife is into traditional sausages ham bacon. I
truly canít remember where I first had pork chops and eggs maybe the army , has anyone else ever had pork chops eggs.

We Took the kids to the zoo last week

Weíre Going back this week to see how they settled in.

Told to me by my wife she read it online Twitter

I just read that weed is a gateway drug

To the munchies.

Got a call from my one brother from back home Appalachia COVID death

Hey so and so we grew up with passed from COVID my brother told me on phone ,he was not vaccinated bro they were all anti vax he told me ,oh well I said dumb fuck he had choice.

So the more anti vaxers the less anti vaxers thing is weíre not top of the food chain as in we are not the most vicious predator. And youíre that stupid to believe the Q crowd over science thatís called thinning the herd.

Yet vaccines and science does give us the advantage of getting through, example Iím 55 and I have that mark on my left shoulder from inoculations as a child and so did this dude that passed he was my age we went school together.

Wholesome family movie night is gone such as Pixar movies

Last night was Henry portrait of a serial killer chosen by the boys. My wife was voting for fiddler on the roof me I was voting for the sweet sour meatballs and little smokies.

So I just received the strangest dm

A strange woman said she loves me and wants to have my children
I replied sure sent her our address and said come on over and pick them up.

Was told this by business agent in my union
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