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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 14,902

Journal Archives

Question regarding states like NV changing to mail-in voting for 2020 ...

I've read that they're sending ballots to every registered voter, but they are also maintaining polling places.

Am I correct that these will not be 'normal' polling places, where they have all the voter rolls, and you can just go in and vote like normal, even though you've already received a ballot by mail?

Or will they be a more limited function 'drop off place' and place where you can do a provisional ballot if you sign paperwork specifically saying your mail-in ballot never arrived and/or you never sent it in?

How does the 'security' on 'not voting twice' work, exactly? I mean I realize you're going to get caught even if they just let you vote at a polling place normally when you've already sent in a ballot, to be clear.

How cool ... Amazon just refunded me for a return and I didn't even send it back!

It was just a $10 adapter cable, I'm sure 'cost' is like $.75 or something but yeah ... I asked for a refund, put in 'bought by mistake' (it was not what I though it was) and a few days later they just gave me my money back, never asked me to return it.

That is very cool in my book.

Renowned Infectious Disease Expert Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD) has proclaimed Schools need to open ...

'The science is in', says the lady whose education ended at 40 years old when she earned her B.A. in Political Science from SD State.

Sorry, it's the Federalist ...


jeff buckley - mama, you've been on my mind (studio outtake -1994)

It's Jeff Buckley doing Dylan ... how could it not be freaking awesome?

Video of the Covidiots becoming one with the COVID monster

Was watching Stranger Things 3 last night and it occurred to me ... these people are the COVIDIOTS!

GORE WARNING! (this is the goriest part of the entire 3 seasons apart perhaps from the beginning of S3E8 when Eleven has to take care of that ... invasion of her leg at the mall)

I was also thinking ... if this was how COVID killed people (Ebola-like), I bet a LOOOOOOT less folks would be cavalier about getting it.

ray lamontagne - strong enough (studio - 2 months ago) awesome new tune ...

michael franti & spearhead - i got you (studio-2020) turn it up baby!

phoebe bridgers - kyoto (studio-2020) her new album is awesome ...

As is to be expected ... I me some Phoebe B ...

Bonus awesome track from her last solo record in 2017

nancy wilson & cannonball adderley quartet - the nearness of you (studio-late 50's)

Great song to go to bed by, or to wake up to ...

matt rollings, willie nelson, lyle lovett, more - that lucky old sun (2 days ago)

Link to the vid on the this page along w/a little info ...

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