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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 12,608

Journal Archives

steve earle - willin' (studio 2000-ish) for my old man the trucker in hospital w/stage 4 pancreatic

c-word ... hoping to make it home to CA in time to see him tomorrow before he leaves us ...

He loves this Lowell George classic trucking song ... but since I love Steve too, well ... compromise.

Hoping to make it home (to CA from AZ) to see my dad before he passes ...

EDIT: This post is from October 1 originally. I did make it home and got to spend time with him Wed-Sun ... though he was too out of it to have a conversation with. He did say my name a couple times, so I know he knew I was there. He passed peacefully on 10/8 after being put on straight morphine on Sunday 10/6 (no forced feeding, increasing doses every few hours, basically it was doctor assisted death ... all of us in the family agreed this was best after having spent the last week watching him suffer and become less and less responsive).

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes back when I posted this.

Also I made sure to tell him impeachment had started, and that 'Nancy has him, Dad, he's going down!' ... I know he heard, even if he didn't respond ...

This has all gone down so quick ... Friday, my beloved 75 year old dad fell at home, luckily his phone nearby, he called 911, they took him to hospital. He was anemic with whacky high calcium ... Saturday, they gave him a CAT scan and discovered the worst ... lump on the pancreas, dark spots on the liver.

For some odd reason they don't do biopsy's on weekends, so yesterday they took him in for a liver biopsy, assuming that if the spots were cancer, they came from the pancreas.

But then, it's 72 hours to get the biopsy results back. Ridiculous. Apparently the docs told my brothers (who are local to him and been at the hospital daily) that it's really unlikely it's benign, and in all likelihood (about 80% chance) he has stage 3 or 4 pancreatic cancer

I spoke to him ... I guess you could call it that ... today ... was hard for him to hold anything like a conversation, kept having to say 'Dad ... DAD!', he could only say a few words at a time. I cannot BELIEVE the situation is THIS BAD, THIS QUICK?!?

Anyways I asked him (2 or 3 times) if he wanted me to come home, and he finally said 'yeah son I would like that' ... so I went into my boss and told him I had to go. Earliest semi-reasonable flight was tomorrow at 4pm. I really really hope I'm not too late. I missed saying goodbye in person to my grandmother 9 years ago ... by 2 hours.

Wish me luck, and though I'm not a praying sort myself, I know my dad would appreciate them if you have any to spare ...

EDIT: Maybe worst of all, I'm not entirely sure he knows that the official impeachment had begun ... he HATES Trump like all the rest of us, and everytime we've spoke in the past 2 years, he was SURE (whatever was the latest news) was "THE END for this motherf****r, son!"

I definitely have to get home to tell him Trump is GOING DOWN ... for real ... before he goes.

Congrats Nationals!

What a CRITICAL error in right field ... finally some good luck for those guys ...

(Okay, maybe I'm saying this as good karma for my A's tomorrow )

The Evil Vapor: Let's see what the prestigious UK Royal College of Physicians had to say about it?

From 2016 ...

And before you try to say 'bu .. bu ... but that's before all these people got sick and died!!!!11!!!' ... let me point out, once again, that there's ZERO (0) evidence at this time that people are getting sick due to vaping traditional nicotine containing products from reputable vendors ... nearly all of the sick people have admitted to using black market THC products, and the large majority of the vaped THC samples scientists have procured from victims are turning out to have been 'cut' with Vitamin E Acetate, a dangerous Oil to inhale ...

Royal College Of Physicians Says E-Cigarettes Can 'Prevent Almost All The Harm From Smoking'


Royal Physicians: "Large-scale substitution of e-cigarettes, or other non-tobacco nicotine products, for tobacco smoking has the potential to prevent almost all the harm from smoking in society,” the RCP says. “Promoting e-cigarettes…and other non-tobacco nicotine products as widely as possible, as a substitute for smoking, is therefore likely to generate significant health gains in the UK.”

Is vaping safer than smoking?

Royal Physicians: “E-cigarette vapour contains a far less extensive range of toxins, and those present are typically at much lower levels, than in tobacco smoke,” the report notes. “In normal conditions of use, toxin levels in inhaled e-cigarette vapour are probably well below prescribed threshold limit values for occupational exposure, in which case significant long-term harm is unlikely. Some harm from sustained exposure to low levels of toxins over many years may yet emerge, but the magnitude of these risks relative to those of sustained tobacco smoking is likely to be small….Although it is not possible to quantify the long-term health risks associated with e-cigarettes precisely, the available data suggest that they are unlikely to exceed 5% of those associated with smoked tobacco products, and may well be substantially lower than this figure.

The RCP argues that appropriate safety regulations could further reduce the hazards posed by e-cigarettes. But it warns that if regulation “makes e-cigarettes less easily accessible, less palatable or acceptable, more expensive, less consumer friendly or pharmacologically less effective, or inhibits innovation and development of new and improved products, then it causes harm by perpetuating smoking.”

Do e-cigarettes help smokers quit?

Royal Physicians: “Smokers who use nicotine products as a means of cutting down on smoking are more likely to make quit attempts,” the RCP says. “Promoting wider use of consumer nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes, could therefore substantially increase the number of smokers who quit.”

Are e-cigarettes a gateway to smoking?

Royal Physicians: “There is no evidence that either NRT or e-cigarette use has resulted in renormalisation of smoking,” the RCP says. “None of these products has to date attracted significant use among adult never-smokers, or demonstrated evidence of significant gateway progression into smoking among young people.”

Much more MYTH BUSTING at the article ... I urge a read ...

Mercury Rev w. Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) (studio-2019) Style of Bobbie Gentry's '68 version

Dynamite cover of a MUCH-covered classic ... Big Boss Man!

reina, toni, josh & carson - harvest moon (live - 2019) it seemed apros pos

big thief - paul (studio-2016) i'll be your real tough cookie with the whiskey breath

Great song ...

ian brown - first world problems (studio-2019) for the Madchester fans ...

Great, catchy new jam from Stone Roses singer ... really takes me back to the halcyon days of '89 ... phenomenal recording on this one ... PLAY LOUD!

And a bonus track ... in case you missed John Squire on that first one

supergrass - alright (studio-1995) ya can't not feel happy when this is playin'

One to put ya to bed with a smile on ur face

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