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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
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Guess What Song The Lyrics Are From - NO GOOGLE CHEATING ...

NEW RULE: Please Put Song Title/Artist Name i.e. actual answers in your message BODY, not the Subject Line
This gives new visitors a shot at guessing on one's that are already answered w/o seeing the answer in the thread list - THANK YOU!!!

Let's try to not either be TOO obvious (no "Here I Am On The Road Again, Here I Am Up on Stage" ) ... and at the same time, not too obscure (no "this song was only ever released as the B-Side of the UK import of the 12" Club Mix Version" type of stuff) ... try to come up with something semi-recognizable ... but that still makes your fellow DU'ers have to comb their memory banks a bit ...

To that end, I'm setting a 2 line max for your hints, and obviously don't put the song title in your hint

And lets try to stick to artists/bands that at least 1/3 the population have likely heard of, and songs that are considered at least 'hits', if not 'iconic' for said artists ... and lyrics which are intelligible when listening to the song ... but not TOO obvious. An example of something I'd say would violate this rule would be "We'll kill the fatted calf tonight so stick around" ... everyone on earth knows that song, but there's only maybe about 2% of people who know 'that's what he says there', and it's obvious that it's almost impossible to just listen to and know ... that's what he says.

So lets avoid that sort of thing.

In case you're wondering, that's from Bennie and The Jets.

I'll start ... knowing this'll be real easy for at least a few folks ...

That's why if you please
I am on my bended knees

As you watch the Wingnuts froth at the mouth over MFOL, realize ... it's about the WHITE KIDS ...

that they're seeing on their TV's ... that's what REALLY has their undies in a bunch.

Mostly, the problem is it's white kids .. intermingling among a huge, DIVERSE crowd ... including Blacks, Hispanic/Latino, Gays and Lesbians, Veterans of all colors, Democratic Congresspeople, Hollywood 'Elites', Union Members, etc.

But also importantly ... the precious white babes are interacting and agreeing with non-gun-humper types.

They cannot STAND that sight. It's detestable to them. It makes them VERY afraid (Faux has conditioned them for 30 years to be terrified, so it's pretty much 2nd nature to them at this point), afraid their 'side' is 'losing', their old ways are falling by the wayside. They're forced to look at White Kids ... that aren't growing up with the proper fear and hatred of 'other' that they expect and even NEED ... them to have.

It's one thing when it's BLM or rallies of Latino communities ... sure you get large quantities of White peeps at these events too but they tend more toward adults overall, and they can just discount those as 'evil libtards'. And the KIDS at those events ... the non-whites? They're irrelevant. They're already 'lost' if not 'the enemy' the minute they pop out anyways.

But seeing all them White Kids, marching, and talking ... on their TV's, and they're all on 'our side', not 'their side' ... whoa Nelly .. now THAT's a problem.

They'll try to dress it up in all kinds of bullshit and spin ... make ludicrous refs to Hitler Youth and shout AGENDA AGENDA AGENDA like it's some kind of talisman, like THEY don't absolutely have their OWN 'agenda' ... but what it really comes down to is ... a bunch of the kids out there today and on the news lately ... are white.

i am sinking ... (the cure fanboy post)


i am slowing down

as the years go by

i am sinking

so I trick myself
like everybody else

the secrets I hide
they twist me inside
they make me weaker

so I trick myself
like everybody else

i crouch in fear and wait
i'll never feel again

if only I could
if only I could
if only I could
remember ...
anything at all

lyrics by robert smith

I'll never forget the first time this high school headbanger bought a (vinyl) record by this 'The Cure' band on the recommendation of a goth girl I met in gym class at JC, circa 1985. I'd heard of them and heard 'Close to Me' on the dance floor at the Palladium in SF (an erstwhile, Under-21 dance club in the 80's near Columbus and Broadway, if you're familiar) at the time, but knew little else about them. Depeche Mode was blowing up simultaneously, but I was not sold on their wimpy pop stuff, nor Wham nor Culture Club ... lol ... I like 'em now, but different story then.

Anyways, the rest of this particular album 'The Head On The Door' ranged from fairly ebullient (In-Between Days, Close to Me, Six Different Ways) to epic pop (A Night Like This), to kinda weird (The Blood, Kyoto Song, Push), to outright strange (The Baby Screams) and I really liked most of it ... but then there was this strikingly EPIC slab of GLOOM that closed out the album ... and maybe more than any other single tune, changed my 'taste' for the next 10 years. I.E. it went pretty decisively from 'metal' to 'alternative'

The track was called 'Sinking' ... and even at 19 years old, I sensed the profundity of the simple lyrics and the awesome (and strangely, somewhat metal-like) power that this band wielded.

Then I discovered there were whole albums full of this stuff from their catalog before Head, like the Faith and Pornography albums, which I later bought and consumed voraciously ...

So, thanks to The Head On The Door, these guys pretty much they ended up being the Soundtrack to College for me along with U2, REM, The Smiths, The Replacements, The Alarm, B52s, Talking Heads, Violent Femmes and so many others ... And then the ULTIMATE in goth gloom 'Disintegration' came out smack in the middle ... probably the single album I listened to the most times as a college student. Right place, right time, man.

I ended up seeing them 6 times from 1986 to 1994, on 5 different tours ... Anyways ... here's a little Sinking anthology. Maybe someone else on DU experienced something similar

1985 ... studio version ... on the eve of their massive stardom ... this tune was eerily prescient for a fairly young man like Robert at the time ...

A somewhat obscure, but very cool Peel Session Remix (not sure on year but surely 1980's)

1998 live version

2016 live version (30+ years on ... slowing down a bit ... but not sure he's sinking just yet)

I cannot believe this song is 33 friggin years old ... Anyways, it'll always mean a lot to me as it really opened my mind to a whole new style of music ... not sure 'The Head on the Door' makes quite the impact on my taste that it did ... without this song closing it out with such gusto.

And to close out my fanboy post ... here's my Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Submission ... cause it's WAY PAST TIME ... these dudes have been doing it way too long, in way too influential a way ... to be left out. If they were a US band they'd have been in 15 years ago ... so here's the lads rocking Germany right when Head on The Door came out ... the middle track of A Forest which was 4 years old at the time ... shows very clearly the power of The Cure as a rock band ... and nobody was doing this at the time. They were unique and seminal, it's that simple ... plus Simon on Bass and Boris on Drums ... kicked total ass ... and Robert on guitar was forging a whole new style, along the lines of The Edge at around the same time.

Leo Sayer performs 2 hits that he wrote for other people, circa 1974 ... GOLDEN.

Before the dorky 'fro, and lame (albeit catchy) mid 1970's singles, and appearing with Muppets and such ... here's Leo doing a couple early tunes from his repertoire that he wrote ... that others made hits out of.

I love his performances of these two ... Straight-up Youtube GEMS right here ... if you don't like at first, listen a couple times ... cause these are earworms I'm tellin' ya.

The Show Must Go On (hit for Three Dog Night)

One Man Band (hit for Roger Daltrey)


Sorry if this has already be posted ... every post about this story I've commented on (and been a few now) I've said UNLESS this story is BULLSHIT altogether.

Looks like the CIA (in a rare public statement) is indeed calling BULLSHIT ... INTERESTING!


End Game for the Memo is not Release ... Just Suspicion on DC, Dems and FBI ...

This memo is obviously a pile of bullshit, but it's one 'point' has already been spread far and wide without it even coming out ... to whit: "ZOMG FBI acted in Partisan Way to Go After Trump By Using Hillary-Funded Dossier For Warrants!!! ALL EVIDENCE NOW TAINTED!!!".

Sure, Nunes has gotten the knuckle-draggers dicks hard ... teasing them that finally they were gonna get their LONG DREAMED OF HOPE ... an ACTUAL WASHINGTON DC conspiracy!

Think about it ... after SO MANY CASES of the blue balls ...

Muslim Kenyan Manchurian Candidates!
Private Emails!
Uranium One!
The Lost FBI Texts!

ALL pimped to high hell by Right-Winger Propagandists ... EVERY LAST ONE ... never turning out to be the orgasm they'd prayed for ... the base is already used to utter disappointment in the end on these things, so it doesn't really matter if it never comes out.

But what Nunes and Trump succeeded on without even releasing it (esp. with having a Dem like Schiff bust them for this change to the text) is casting aspersions on the FBI and Democrats in the eyes of the base.

Now the story will be 'The Memo didn't come out' because 'DC FBI Deep State and Dems!' ... that is going to be how they run away from it and never put it out ... and that ... is the final mission accomplished.

They are about nothing but making it so the BASE ... will (perhaps violently) refuse to accept ANY final findings no matter HOW iron-clad it is. Those suckers will be 100% was ALLLLLL a 'political conspiracy'.

No need for the embarrassment of putting it out, though they'll likely agitate for it for that for many more weeks and try to drum up and distraction and controversy around it.

It's really kinda masterful ... in a blood-curdlingly horrifying sort of way. Leni and Goebbels are BEAMING with pride somewhere ...

What if these Texts were indeed purposefully hidden because they ARE the Trump Investigators?

What if, knowing as I'm sure they did by January 2017 that Trump was a friggin' full-on Money-Laundering Criminal and probable Russian Asset who certainly colluded to win the Election ... the FBI took steps to make it impossible for Trump and his Lapdogs Sessions and Ryan ... to requisition all the texts happening between the investigators by giving them new phones and scuttling the archive system?

I mean ... it would make some sense. All of sudden, THEIR BOSS, Trump is the subject of their investigation. Someone who could absolutely shut it down at any time. Someone with the power to simply wave away the investigation and demand that all evidence against him be handed over to himself.

Then, when they got Mueller ... they didn't have to worry about this anymore.

And the shitweasels Nunes and Gowdy got wind of this, and realized ... their ONLY angle is this 'secret society' bullshit?

BTW, does Congress have the absolute POWER to REQUIRE the FBI to hand over all the Texts between FBI agents, without ANY evidence of some actual WRONGDOING on the part of the Agency?

And if so, has it EVER been done?

"Pay For Our Wall, Or We'll Begin Killing Children" - Signed, Republican Scum

My idea for a sign tomorrow ...

If 'doing some stuff', then Winning POTUS on your 'first try' proves you're a 'stable genius'

If that's the case, then here's the list of other recent 'Stable Geniuses':

Barack Obama
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George HW Bush (though he ran for and won VP twice before he ran for POTUS and won)
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
Lyndon B Johnson (had run for and won as VP once previously)
John F. Kennedy
Harry S. Truman
Dwight D. Eisenhower

List of people who, by HIS standard, that we cannot confirm as being 'stable geniuses':

Not Nixon, as he'd run for POTUS before and lost in 1960

Also ... this:

Such a numbskull ...

The Official 'Dumped Like A Dog' Horrifyingly Stupid Metaphor Thread ...

So, Steve Bannon was 'Dumped Like a Dog', was he, Dotard?

Yeah, nice metaphor.

After all, everyone out there has 'dumped someone like a dog', right? Lord knows, Americans hate their dogs, and revel in 'dumping them' off somewhere. It's just what we do!

I propose we come up a list of horrifically pained and stupid metaphors along those lines, just to maintain our sanity.

Here, I'll start (imagine it in Colbert/Trump voice):

"Steve Bannon was Kicked to the Curb ... Like a Polar Bear Cub!"
"Steve Bannon was Eviscerated ... Like A Poached African Elephant!"
"Steve Bannon was Drowned ... Like a US Coastal City In About 25 Years!"

Y'all take your best shot ...
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