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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 9,893

Journal Archives

Anon-C ... are you trying to annoy me with circa 1983 crap music? LOL ;)

How about something that's actually good from right around then?

Ya know, what us kool kids were listening to

train - save me san francisco (studio-2011) yeah, it's a little cheesy, but when you're homesick ...

this one will always bring ya back, at least for a few minutes ... esp. when you know where every camera shot was taken from, including the theater where the show is ...

Besides all the great City shots, I'll always love this video's denouement ...

Also, my mom's name (who's back in The Bay) ... is Elaine

Best enjoyed LOUD

whitney - southern nights (studio-2015) cool cover of the allen toussaint classic

Or perhaps you know it as a Glen Campbell classic

Ya ever wish John and George were still around, providing social commentary in their songs?

Well, that isn't happening, sadly ... but you can certainly pretend with this recent track from Rayland Baxter ... believe me, my standards when it comes to 'sounding like the Beatles' are very, very high ... but this one is way up there in the 'thumbs up' category for Mr. L

big thief - shark smile (studio-2017) a groovy ass, mazzy star-like song

Dig it ...

rayland baxter - the woman for me (studio-2012) achingly beautiful, really like this dude's music

Boy do I know these feels ...

I wouldn't doubt Epstein killed himself, I really wouldn't ... he had no reason not to ... BUT

That doesn't mean I don't also think:

1) He wasn't just allowed to, but encouraged to, by all means possible, while in custody of Barr. Guards probably accidentally dropped big bottles of sleeping pills in his cell, beer bottles, etc.

2) That he wasn't finally rounded up specifically for this purpose. He was a HUGE loose end out there. When that Brown article came out in November of 2018, it was a HUGE wake-up call for a LOT of very powerful people, Trump included. He had to be taken out of circulation, and if there was ANY way to make it permanent, before testifying ... it was to be encouraged.

The idea however that he might not really be dead? C'mon people. Lets not get all 'Elvis Fan' here. NOBODY would want some secret escape for this guy. Then he's a BIGGER loose end. He ain't THAT powerful, nor that well-liked, by anyone.

rayland baxter - strange american dream (studio-2018) very cool track from leftie alt-country singer

This is damn good stuff ... the whole album 'Wide Awake' is real solid, and really pretty Beatlesque ...

Here's another song of his I really dig ... from his 2015 record 'Imaginary Man'

Can someone explain to me how the word 'anymore' has become synonymous with 'nowadays'?

Anymore I see people misusing this word all the damn time, which for some reason utterly bugs the crap out of me. (you know, like I did just there).

'Anymore' is synonymous with 'any longer'. It is used to describe the CEASING of something. It is NOT synonymous with 'these days' or 'nowadays'.

Some examples to illustrate:

'Nowadays, we go to mountains instead of the beach' (CORRECT)

'We go to mountains instead of the beach nowadays' (CORRECT)

'We don't go to beach anymore, we go to the mountains' (CORRECT)

'Anymore we go to the mountains instead of the beach (INCORRECT).

'We go to the mountains instead of the beach anymore (INCORRECT).

'We go to the mountains anymore instead of the beach (INCORRECT).

Why are the last 3 wrong? Because 'anymore' means 'any longer'. If you plug in 'any longer' where you seen 'anymore' ... it becomes jibberish.

When did people start saying this, and why has it happened?

And also, get off my DAMN LAWN!!!

Any Smarties from the AM/Lunch crew wanna try Mr. L's Probability Problem?


Yes, I know this is a shameless bump

I never do this, so ...
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