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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 10,095

Journal Archives

ericka wennerstrom - extraordinary love (studio-2018) soaring U2-like anthem from 40-ish front-woman

of Texas stalwarts Heartless Bastards, presently on hiatus ... the whole record is pretty dang good actually.

As always, I recommend LOUDNESS, but esp. for this one. Sounds really good loud, washing over you ...

Been so long out on the open road
I barely touched the ground
Blinded I was slowly floundering toward the sun

Maybe it was curiosity, a search for love, or identity
I didn't know just what I was looking for

And oh I climbed a mountain,
And I went down into the Jungle
To fill in the colors of my mind
And I drank a potion and there I saw my life in motion
And it was so clear for me to see

I want to feel extraordinary love
A love that always echoes through my mind
I want to feel extraordinary love
A love that only comes from withinside

When you’re living your life in constant motion remember to breathe
Feel the earth between your heels and toes and just breathe

I was always in such a hurry that my head would spin and the signs were blurry
Oh it was so hard for me to see

Oh and I was searching for a place to feel at home
A place where I could breathe
And oh I found that I needed to slow down
Then it was so clear for me to see

I want to feel extraordinary love
A love that always echoes through my mind
I want to feel extraordinary love
A love that only comes from withinside

wang chung - dancehall days - 12" remix version (studio-1984) so much better than the original ...

This was Senior Year right here, grooving out with friends in the Chevelle ... this slipped in perfect with the Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo, INXS, Adam Ant, Depeche, New Order ... on the way to the 18-and-up dance club ...

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real w/Lady Gaga - Find Yourself (studio-2017)

As many likely know, Willie's boy and his band were the backing band in the recent remake of A Star Is Born ... and some of the tunes were written by Lukas, and he was the musical director or some such for the project.

Pretty great tune ... Lukas is a damn talented cat in his own right. The whole 2017 record (from old CA stalwart label Fantasy Records) is pretty damn good. Features backing vocals from the ladies of another fave band of mine, Lucius, on lots of the tracks.

Black Crowes/Bob Weir/Tedeschi Trucks Band - Turn On Your Love Light (live-2013) UR Welcome Hippies!

destroyer - poor in love (studio-2009) if you have a nice sound system or headphones

this song sounds fucking FANTASTIC ... songs, and production like this, is what I buy nice gear for.

I mean it's a great song anyway, but the sound quality is superlative. This whole record is actually outstanding and highly rec'd.

(btw before you say it ... I know it sounds like Al Stewart )

Things about AZ that will never stop tripping me out ...

Been here 10 years (sadly) and there's stuff about the summers that will just never seem normal.

Went out just now for a vape, it's 11pm, still EASILY 100F out, but it's windy, the sky is covered with clouds, and the smell of fresh rain is on the air (though it's sadly not raining at my place).

It's just freakish here sometimes. It's not supposed to be 100 f***ing degrees, at 11pm, while also cloudy and raining.

I do dig the summer storms honestly it's probably my favorite part of this place, but ... it's the sheer weirdness that makes me dig 'em.

better oblivion community center - dominoes (studio-2019) could've been on side 3 of The Wall

I totally dig this group, Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes and Phoebe Bridgers from boygenius (and both have solo careers too) ... guitarist is from Yeah Yeah Yeahs ... bit of an indie supergroup ...

At Minimum, the House should pass a bill limiting how Citizenship data, if gathered, could be used


There may not be much chance of it passing the Senate, but make Mitch and Co go on record as being against it.

Among the tenets of the bill:
1) Self-reported non-citizens may in no way be considered 'less that one full person' for any federal or state apportionment or budgeting purpose.
2) Information gathered from the Census may never be used for any law enforcement, deportation or other ICE action related to non-citizenship status.
3) Feel free to add your own ...

When McTurtle starts whinging, Dems need to start throwing the 3/5ths rule at their ass, asking them just how much of a 'person' is a non-citizen?

portishead - it's a fire (studio-1994) from the coolest freaking album ever made

And I'm not being hyperbolic.

Yeah, there may be 'better' or 'more influential' (though not by that much) albums ... but this band's debut, Dummy, when it dropped in 1994 ... was the single coolest album that's ever been made, and I'll fight you if you say I'm wrong

Edit: Okay, okay, I'll entertain an argument for Kind of Blue, but that's it.

And before you go 'aw, man, I've lot's of songs like THIS!' ... I promise, not in August 1994 you hadn't

Spent some real time looking over NY Sex Statutes, and I'm real glad Epstein's is a Federal Case ...



To start, please ... don't shoot the messenger, I had no idea what 'the laws' were like, I was just curious due to all the discussions going on, and thought I'd share what I read

So, I pored over these laws pretty thoroughly, with the lawyer's spiel and the accusations in mind today ... and get this ... someone of Epstein's age diddling a "consenting" 14 year old, under NY law ... if there's no penile penetration, nor 'oral' (performed by either party) of some sort?

(and before you say 'but she can't consent' ... turns out that's legalese, not literal)

It's considered a Class B misdemeanor,
130.55 Sexual abuse in the third degree
... and here I quote from another article on NY law: "The lowest degree of sexual abuse is a class B misdemeanor and thus subject to a sentence of up to 3 months in prison, a fine of up to $500, or both."

Yeah ... for real

On another thread I saw much gnashing of teeth over the seeming technicality of 'lack of penetration', but in fact, under NY law? The possible sentences show that actually it is (up to) 28X worse of a penalty for penetration or oral with a 14 year old vs. 'sexual contact'. It's Misdemeanor vs. Felony. While we may find it irrelevant, it's not a trivial distinction, legally-speaking. I'm just saying.

And to be clear, I'm not buying Epstein's lawyers present claims that there was no 'penetration', but that's what they're trying out at this point.

BUT ... if he had "consensual" sex with a 15 or 16 year old, it would be
Rape/Criminal sexual act in the third degree
a Class E Felony, punishable by 'up to 4 years'.

Or, if with a 13-14 year old, that would be
Rape/Criminal sexual act in the second degree
a Class D Felony, punishable by 'up to 7 years'.

Granted a whole bunch of those charges added up could amount to some serious time, but there's basically no 'minimum time' specified on any of these charges, which is the thing that would concern me most about the scenario if these were not Federal, more serious charges.

As a side note, the notion that 'unable to consent' is synonymous with 'your consent as the minor party is irrelevant' ... is mistaken, legally.

I say this because, in contrast, if ANY victim >12 years old actively DOES NOT consent, OR is 12 or under (in which case they literally 'cannot consent', period), any sex then is considered 'forcible sex', and becomes
Rape/Criminal sexual act in the first degree
which is a Class B felony, punishable by 5-25 years.

So a pervert's max penalty under NY law is up to nearly 9 times greater, with 5 year min vs. no min ... for sex with a 13-16 year old ... if they DON'T "consent", vs. if they do.

To wrap up ... even though you're legally unable to "consent" at <17 yo in NY state ... it still legally "matters" whether you do or don't.

A paradox, to be sure. But an interesting question is ... would we want it to be different?
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