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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 8,898

Journal Archives

the velvet underground - rock and roll (studio-1970) ... and it was alright!

rancid - time bomb (studio-1995) - I mean sh*t, if we're doing some Cali Punk tonight ...

The East Bays OWN ... one of the greatest songs of all time to crank up and bounce around to ... okay it's maybe ska-punk, but still ... the punk attitude is all there!

Bonus Track ... Radio (1994) ... this bassline kicks so much ass ... so turn it up, f***ing LOUD!!!

One of my favorite things to do ... tour neighborhoods of my youth with Google Earth!

Anybody else a fan?

I think it's so friggin' cool, being able to drop into your old streets in your old hood, and just cruise around like you're there?!? See how things have changed, and how they're still the same? It's badass.

Touring places like Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, or Orinda, CA, or Quincy, CA ... places I grew up ... I just love it. Of course, I physically visit Orinda regularly cause I'm in the Bay Area frequently, but when I get homesick I can just drop on in with Google Earth anytime. I can cruise right by my folks house in Walnut Creek if I want to.

Seriously it's one of the coolest inventions EVAH!

Edit: It's also really cool for checking out the area in places you might stay on holiday, the neighborhood around an AirBnB you might rent, or a Hotel you're thinking of staying, etc.

I prefer the more powerful desktop app (still free), myself, but it works pretty good right in Chrome as well.

Mueller effectively says 'I was never going to accuse POTUS of Criminal Conspiracy in this report'

See the details spelled out in KPete's post here:


In a bout of somewhat circular reasoning, he explains why not, which basically amounts to this:

Because of the fact that a Sitting POTUS cannot be indicted, per DoJ Prosecutorial guidelines, while DoJ Fairness guidelines direct that persons who WON'T be indicted for a given crime should not be accused by DoJ of having committing that given crime ... there was NEVER actually ANY potential for the Mueller Report to claim outright ... that POTUS was involved in a criminal conspiracy with Russians.

It was logically impossible for him to do so, based on DoJ guidelines.

And if you accept Barr's further interpretation (which is BULLSHIT) that a person can essentially never 'obstruct justice' *unless* there's an underlying offense for which they ARE prosecuted, clearly it would be impossible for a POTUS to ever obstruct justice, either, since he's above the law to begin with in terms of being prosecuted.

Baby Dove & Mama in their nest on the wall in my backyard ...

Caught a nice moment this AM, Mama Dove and her chickadee ... the neighbors on the other side of the wall were doing yard work including trimming the oleander behind the nest, I told 'em to make sure not to cut down too much and where the nest was. Mom was trying to keep an eye on 'em through the bush ...

Can't believe this chick was in an egg like 1.5 inches long just 2 weeks ago ... they grow like weeds!

Really hope I'm lucky enough to be home and outside when the chick flies away, that'll be pretty cool!

I actually saved this kiddo's life, at one point 2.5 weeks ago I came home from work, and one egg was cracked on the ground below , and the other one was just sitting on the wall, literally an inch from doom, completely outside the nest, and Mom and Dad were GONE. I was quite distraught about the whole situation.

So I carefully put the egg back in the nest, and at some point overnight, they came back and resumed sitting on it. Thankfully it wasn't a cold night, about 72 at sundown and maybe fell to 68 during the night. I'm not sure how long the egg was alone but I feared it would die from lack of warmth ... but NOPE!

The chances that the $200M KY aluminum plant, built with Deripaska's money, is a TrumPutin mind f**k

are definitely NON-ZERO.

I think the possibility that this is a bullshit story ... should be strongly considered. It's just the sort of thing the GRU might come up with in order to further destabilize our Democracy.

We shouldn't simply 'buy into' this story, without some serious critical analysis of the likelihood that it is 'real'.

Is a site chosen? If so, where, and when, and by whom? Have permitting processes begun? If so, when? Are there documents in any KY state agencies regarding this possible construction, and if so, when were they submitted? Who are the American partners in this business, if any? Is it going to be Russian AL that's being processed, and if so, WHY would Russia not just be doing so on their own soil?

The whole thing raises a lotta red flags for me on the 'Russian disinformation' front.

Which is not to say the Turtle isn't totally involved in, and supportive of, Putin's efforts.

I'm gonna say it, as a fellow old fart ... LET'S GO TIGER!!! (nt)

I think IQ45 could end the 'Border Crisis' with a few words ... but he doesn't want to ...

Here's what he just needs to say:

"I have no intention nor desire to change the official policy of the United States towards Refugees from other Nations. Refugees will remain welcome as long as I am President".

Think about it ... people are showing up large numbers recently ... despite by far the most openly hostile-towards-immigrants POTUS in any of our lifetimes.


I thoroughly believe that this happening because they're trying to beat the clock. They believe Trump/GOP will succeed in changing the official policy, and they're trying to make it here first, to dip their toe across our border ... before that action can be made meaningless, legally. And they've no reason to believe Trump won't eventually succeed in changing those laws, and possibly quite soon.

So they're showing up droves right now. At least that's the only explanation for this 'timing' that makes sense to me.

But if he just chilled his freaking rhetoric and said 'I promise the laws aren't going to change' ... it would go a LONG WAY towards mitigating the issue.

But he doesn't want to. He WANTS a crisis. Plus his base would be wildly disappointed.

So he won't.

vampire weekend - harmony hall (studio - 2019) - definitely looking forward to the new album ...

expected in early May.

It's unlikely Ezra will be able to top 2013's brilliant Modern Vampires of the City (unquestionably the most universally critically acclaimed record of that year, and among the tops of the decade), esp. after the departure of highly-talented multi-instrumentalist Batmanglij in 2016, but the pre-release singles have all been pretty promising, I gotta say.

This is the one getting the most attention but they've put out 6 songs ahead of the 19-song record, and they've all been pretty decent.

Police Arrest Suspect in Slaying of Beautiful Black Baby Girl, 10, Gunned Down in Her Driveway in AZ


Her father was also shot, but will apparently survive.

A suspect, Joshua Gonzalez, 20, has been apprehended as of this AM.

Just senseless friggin' crap.


Ya gotta love 'em.
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