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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
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portishead - it's a fire (studio-1994) from the coolest freaking album ever made

And I'm not being hyperbolic.

Yeah, there may be 'better' or 'more influential' (though not by that much) albums ... but this band's debut, Dummy, when it dropped in 1994 ... was the single coolest album that's ever been made, and I'll fight you if you say I'm wrong

Edit: Okay, okay, I'll entertain an argument for Kind of Blue, but that's it.

And before you go 'aw, man, I've lot's of songs like THIS!' ... I promise, not in August 1994 you hadn't

Spent some real time looking over NY Sex Statutes, and I'm real glad Epstein's is a Federal Case ...



To start, please ... don't shoot the messenger, I had no idea what 'the laws' were like, I was just curious due to all the discussions going on, and thought I'd share what I read

So, I pored over these laws pretty thoroughly, with the lawyer's spiel and the accusations in mind today ... and get this ... someone of Epstein's age diddling a "consenting" 14 year old, under NY law ... if there's no penile penetration, nor 'oral' (performed by either party) of some sort?

(and before you say 'but she can't consent' ... turns out that's legalese, not literal)

It's considered a Class B misdemeanor,
130.55 Sexual abuse in the third degree
... and here I quote from another article on NY law: "The lowest degree of sexual abuse is a class B misdemeanor and thus subject to a sentence of up to 3 months in prison, a fine of up to $500, or both."

Yeah ... for real

On another thread I saw much gnashing of teeth over the seeming technicality of 'lack of penetration', but in fact, under NY law? The possible sentences show that actually it is (up to) 28X worse of a penalty for penetration or oral with a 14 year old vs. 'sexual contact'. It's Misdemeanor vs. Felony. While we may find it irrelevant, it's not a trivial distinction, legally-speaking. I'm just saying.

And to be clear, I'm not buying Epstein's lawyers present claims that there was no 'penetration', but that's what they're trying out at this point.

BUT ... if he had "consensual" sex with a 15 or 16 year old, it would be
Rape/Criminal sexual act in the third degree
a Class E Felony, punishable by 'up to 4 years'.

Or, if with a 13-14 year old, that would be
Rape/Criminal sexual act in the second degree
a Class D Felony, punishable by 'up to 7 years'.

Granted a whole bunch of those charges added up could amount to some serious time, but there's basically no 'minimum time' specified on any of these charges, which is the thing that would concern me most about the scenario if these were not Federal, more serious charges.

As a side note, the notion that 'unable to consent' is synonymous with 'your consent as the minor party is irrelevant' ... is mistaken, legally.

I say this because, in contrast, if ANY victim >12 years old actively DOES NOT consent, OR is 12 or under (in which case they literally 'cannot consent', period), any sex then is considered 'forcible sex', and becomes
Rape/Criminal sexual act in the first degree
which is a Class B felony, punishable by 5-25 years.

So a pervert's max penalty under NY law is up to nearly 9 times greater, with 5 year min vs. no min ... for sex with a 13-16 year old ... if they DON'T "consent", vs. if they do.

To wrap up ... even though you're legally unable to "consent" at <17 yo in NY state ... it still legally "matters" whether you do or don't.

A paradox, to be sure. But an interesting question is ... would we want it to be different?

Trump's angle here on the Epstein case ... who was Director of the FBI in 2008?

You know, when Epstein was granted an unusual immunity deal by the Feds, which lasted for 10+ years, until just now?

Anyone remember?

And if you do ... do you remember how that same person is due to testify before Congress here shortly?

Which is all to say ... I have a feeling I know what 'angle' Trump's going to be 'working' publicly with regards to the whole thing ...

And before you say what I think you're going to say, ask yourself ... Do Facts Matter to Trump?

EDITED to add:

What I'm saying here is ... this is going to be Trump's angle:

"Finally, after many,many years, MY attorney general is going to hold Mr. Epstein accountable in a way that Bob Mueller, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, and Jeff Sessions ... FAILED TO DO for over 8 years" ... blah blah blah.

Editing again to add:
This will be his means for, later on, if he personally starts getting held to account for involvement, he can tell his knuckle-draggers "See, like I've been saying, it's the Obama/Mueller/Holder DEEP STATE! Trying to cover their crimes, out to GET ME!!!"


justin townes earle - far away in another town (studio-2008) - don't get much better in my book ...

Wrong album picture for this vid, song's not from Harlem River Blues, it's from his debut The Good Life, but whatever.

This one has me made well up while singing along quite a few times over the years ... very poignant, great song.

the manhattans - shining star (studio-1980) the OTHER smash-hit song by this name

this is either not lip-synched or it's the best lip-synch EVAH ... and the sound-quality is awesome.

Anyways, classic tune ... always good for a smile.


That is all ...

the manhattans - kiss and say goodbye (live circa 2000's) THIS.IS.AMAZING...

Gerald Alston just KILLS IT, man ... brought tears to my eyes, no joke.

Aside from the Justice aspect for the young women, there's another possible important outcome from

this Epstein arrest, and hopefully trial, and conviction ... And I'll say 'If Guilty' ... to be PC

And that is this ... the challenge to the LEGALITY ... of Non-Disclosure Agreements as they pertain to Criminal Acts.

The very idea that these young women (mostly adolescents at the time, per the charges) were coerced into sex and paid to keep quiet, in exchange for signing NDA's ... that should be 100% AGAINST THE LAW on it's face.

That bullshit needs to end, and NOT just when it comes to sex with teens, it's need to end for ALL LAWBREAKING.

It needs to be a serious felony to ASK someone to sign an NDA (in exchange for $$$) to deny knowledge of the commission of a felony. PERIOD.

F*** that bullshit.

Within 24 hours, Epstein will magically be branded "Clinton Pal Jeffery Epstein" all over MSM

Which is to say, I don't friggin' trust the media on this story for 1 friggin' second ... outside Rachel & Lawrence I mean ...

the war on drugs - come to the city (studio-2011) if dylan did a guest spot on u2 unforgettable fire

Or maybe Petty, but ... Petty sounds like Dylan, so ...

Anyways, pretty killer tune from the album before they hit it big ...

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