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Member since: Fri Feb 3, 2017, 09:22 AM
Number of posts: 725

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That's a great idea. Let's all call for trumps resignation. Seriously. If he gets more calls for

his resignation than he got votes it's all over for him. We can all call or write our senators. If they won't impeach him yet if enough of the country calls for his resignation
It could work! I

Better get a canoe. I just read they're thinking about cutting disaster relief!

House Intel: no wiretap evidence regarding Obama.

Judge blocks travel ban effective nation wide.

Someone just did a post on a tweet from Dworkin which he made on Tuesday.

I responded to it just now and the post didn't go through because they said it was locked. And now I can't even find it. It said trump did not disclose at least 6 of his businesses and I think it said the ethics committee is looking into it. One of the businesses is in Scotland in something berry or something derry regarding the town, two in NY and three in CT. Did anyone else see that post?

I remember hearing that trump castle, hotel and casino in Atlantic city, NJ went bankrupt

some years ago. I hope he's not doing that to the country.

The only thing trump loves more than himself is trump tower.

Do you remember when trump said three or four weeks before the election on national television that

he could shoot somebody and not lose any votes. I couldn't believe he said that. But now I'm thinking why would he say that and how could he know that unless he
might have known Russia was going to clinch the election for him somehow.

I know what they're doing thanks to that Price post. They are using Silva mind control of positive

Affirmations. It teaches to only say positive things. Listen to trump he uses it too. They think they can DO negative things because they speak positive. They don't think the bad things can happen because they didn't say it would. But they are forgetting that if they stand in the middle of a freeway literally or figuratively, it is still possible for a drunk or careless driver to still possibly not see them and hit them. But some of them don't think it can happen because they didn't say so. But those that are using the method are forgetting one important thing, they can't do magic.

It seems like everything he does is really a hate crime.

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