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Member since: Sat Feb 4, 2017, 10:14 PM
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Thank you ! This is why I love teachers :

As a teacher's kid , I saw the sacrifices and dedication of teachers first hand. In the course of a school day, teachers play many roles : educator , advisor , guardian, volunteer, peacemaker and yes, even a shoulder to cry on (teacher's are also. mandated reporters - I've heard some chilling stories). Many teachers hold down a second job and continue their post- graduate education- I saw my father do both -at th same time.They attend seminars , they innovate and they fight for their students-cutbacks are a teacher's recurring nightmare. I didn't like all my teachers, but I respected them- they earned it (that's a lie - One thing I learned as kiid ,was how much , good,' dedicated , proud teachers hated the shirkers and incompetents. And I do mean HATE).

One of the things teachers' kids love to share with each other, is the fond mockery of the "teachable moments"we were endlesslly exposed to -I am not talking about lfe's lessons here-literally teachable moments.A skunk runs across the road -my cousin yells "skank", her father (a teacher) replys "Actually , there is a reptile called a skank ... " instant laughter,uncle has no clue as to why.Every hike with my father "which side of the tree does moss grow on ? Why does it grow ... ? "can you name this rock ? " (Alberta was not the right answer).At the Steinhardt Aquarium with niece and nephews "Do you know the difference between an alligator and a crocodile ? " My small town nephews who had never seen a skyscraper before , were in speechless awe (Thank god my niece answered , it gave the boys a chance to escape to the next exhibit). Teachers NEVER stop teaching.

Thank you for relieving me from the task of having to scour local media from all over the US of A..

I will henceforth never mock your discerning eye. (That's a promise ... I think.)

Surprise! Surprise! Trump is good for something after all.

Love this one TexasTowelie !

I remember when Patty Reagan attended the No-Nukes rallies and demonstrations during her father's presidency.

How Trumpian of Ivanka to cash-in on cheap talk. I fear she has become the face of feminism for her father's supporters. It saddens me to think of how many of them look to her as a modern day feminest role-model. Jared gets all the heavy duty assignments and what is Ivanka tasked with ?

I always thought that this was just a given.

Lesson learned.

Good point.

Maybe they'll grow up and get real when they personally start to suffer.Hard lesson for the hard- headed.

Next up for folks working in the Whitehouse , loyalty oaths, lie detector tests and back tatoos .

Throw him in a pot of boiling water first

Donald J. Trump, the black hole- get to close and...

I take it that this is the _nth dimensional chess that Trumpsters are always crowing about.

A thugs gotta thug.
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