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Profile Information

Name: Kathy Hinsman
Gender: Female
Hometown: Pittsburgh PA
Home country: USA
Current location: Pittsburgh
Member since: Sat Feb 18, 2017, 02:16 PM
Number of posts: 14,595

Journal Archives

Am I the only one who can't find Montenegro on the map?

OK I did find it, but only with help from my friend Google.

Montenegro is one of the countries that split off from the former Yugoslavia and it's closely aligned with Serbia culturally and politically.

(Poll) If Cheeto should be convicted of a capital crime, how should his sentence be carried out?

Study Says Coffee Increases Longevity, Just Don't Caffeine Yourself to Death Like Balzac

(link) http://www.grubstreet.com/2018/07/study-says-coffee-may-increase-longevity.html


Coffee is many things. A finalist in the World Cup of Best Ice Cream Flavors. The only thing keeping you awake right now. A stimulant to which we’re all terribly, terribly addicted. It’s also, according to the latest food study, the fountain of youth humanity has sought for centuries and even crossed oceans for. To think: It was roasted bean water all along!

The study by the United Kingdom’s National Cancer Institute purports that drinking coffee can help you live longer. The study surveyed 500,000 adults in Britain, and found that after a ten-year period the coffee drinkers had a, uh, lower risk of death than non-coffee drinkers. Of course, everyone has the same risk of death, which is 100 percent.

Those surveyed answered questions about their coffee, smoking, and drinking habits and medical history, among other things. The coffee drinkers of all levels were 10 to 15 percent less likely to die than those who didn’t drink coffee. But! The great news is that, according to the study, in the meantime you can continue to be a caffeine addict and drink up to eight cups of coffee a day in your efforts to live longer.

Look, it seems like there’s a food or drink study for anything you want to believe is good for you. Food companies fund studies to prove that their goods are healthy; one major producer of studies, Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, was found to be publishing shoddy research. So, broadly speaking, take these studies with lots of grains of salt, which is good for your blood pressure! Coffee alone has been the subject of other studies claiming that it’s good for your heart, prevents liver disease, and more.

-more at link-

This is great news my friends!

Appreciation thread for Pittsburgh editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers

Hi Penn friends!

I just posted this article in General Discussion with an update for Rob Rogers:

Appreciation thread for Pittsburgh editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers

Rob Rogers had been the popular editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for 25 years, but he was recently fired for political reasons. The new editorial director of the Post Gazette refused to publish about 3 weeks of Rob's cartoons because they were considered "anti-Trump", and then he was let go in mid-June.

Read more here: (link) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rob-rogers-pittsburgh-post-gazette-cartoonist-fired/

Rogers is still drawing his popular cartoons and sharing them on his website here: (link) http://robrogers.com/

Many Rogers toons have a liberal/Democratic/anti-Trump feel to them, while others deal with local Pittsburgh issues of one stripe or another. His popular cartoon series called "Brewed on Grant" satirize Pittsburgh city and county politics, and occasionally he'll do a toon for one of our beloved sports teams. Meanwhile Rogers is lining up paying work by getting published in a new liberal start-up publication called Pittsburgh Current which should be hitting the streets this week. Rogers also has a crowdfunding effort with support from many of his fans on Pantreon.

Here are just a few of Rob's recent toons that can be seen on his website, but didn't make it into the newspaper.

If you'd like to contribute to the Rob Rogers crowdfunding effort, please go here: (link) https://www.patreon.com/robrogers

Thanks friends!

What's your favorite adjective for the orange asshole?

Gosh there are so many - I'm going with "nasty fascist conman"

Toomey bucking White House over trade policy, supporting bipartisan effort

Pittsburgh Post Gazette June 27, 2018
Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-nation/2018/06/27/Toomey-picks-fight-with-White-House-over-trade-policy/stories/201806260181

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey has been a reliable supporter of Trump administration policies, but he has broken ranks with the White House over tariffs.

The Pennsylvania Republican’s position is consistent with his long-held support of free-market economics. What’s unusual, though, is that he has been outspoken about his disagreement with President Donald Trump, including in televised interviews in which he has said the president is playing a dangerous game that could spark a trade war.

Mr. Trump was able to unilaterally impose tariffs on steel and aluminum after the Commerce Department declared access to those commodities a national security issue, citing the military’s reliance on them for equipment.

Those tariffs are “a huge mistake,” Mr. Toomey told Bloomberg TV Tuesday.

“I’m in favor of a mutual and reciprocal winding down of tariffs but unfortunately, with respect to Canada and Mexico, that doesn’t seem to be the administration’s goal. It seems to be they want to sort of intimidate these countries into making concessions that will end up” to be worse than the North American Free Trade Agreement, he said.

Now Mr. Toomey is part of a bipartisan Senate coalition trying to dilute the White House’s power to invoke national security as a justification for tariffs. Frequent Trump critic Bob Corker, R-Tenn., Mark Warner, D-Va., and Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., are the other prime sponsors of the effort to restrict that power, which comes from Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act. Their legislation would require congressional authorization.

All of a sudden Toomey grows a pair, and disagrees with Cheeto. But this is way too little, and way too late.

Startup liberal publication "Pittsburgh Current" will have Rob Rogers cartoons

Link: https://pittsburghcurrent.com/pittsburgh-current-announces-it-will-be-running-rob-rogers-political-cartoons-starting-monday-574-2/

Pittsburgh Current Editor Charle Deitch says: “Rob Rogers is one of the most important voices in the Pittsburgh media landscape. I couldn’t imagine a Pittsburgh publication not carrying his cartoons. It’s a natural fit for us and for our readers and we could not be prouder to carry Rob’s excellent work and keep his voice right where it belongs in Pittsburgh.”

Deitch, long-time editor of the Pittsburgh City Paper, was fired after refusing to back down from covering a local politician. Deitch adds, “I think it’s very meaningful to have two casualties of conservative ownership working together on Pittsburgh’s first truly influence-free publication.”

The Pittsburgh Current Kickstarter is almost fully funded, and a date has been set for the first issue. Pittsburgh Current will hit the streets July 11th.

For more information, please contact:
Bethany Ruhe, Associate Publisher
Phone: 412.443.7969
Email: bethany@pittsburghcurrent.com
Twitter: @bethanyruhe

Pittsburgh will finally get a liberal monthly publication starting in July! Rob Rogers was fired from Pittsburgh Post Gazette for his frequent anti-Trump cartoons that PPG's executive editor found unacceptable.

LOL - funniest meme found on Twitter - NSFW

I just had to share this with you guys!

They're real - Trump Treason Token Coins - start collecting now


Note: I don't sell these, I just saw this posted hilariously on Twitter.

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