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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: South Bend, IN
Home country: USA
Current location: Dayton, OH
Member since: Tue Feb 21, 2017, 02:15 PM
Number of posts: 1,134

About Me

Retired Electrical/Computer Engineer--29 years with the Air Force. Purdue, Wright St, AFIT, U. of Dayton. Strong liberal but not a "purist" who eats his young! Animal lover but NOT a cat fancier. Divorced. Two kids--both quite successful.

Journal Archives

Cory Booker's Performance At the Barr Hearing Disappointing

Always liked him but I think he was too nervous by half in his big debut.

OK--I've Changed My Picks. I Had Harris/Pete, But Now I'm Selecting Pete/Amy:

Pete is just WAY smarter and more knowledgeable than the rest, despite his youth. Kamala lost me with her less than inspiring segment, and her adoption of Bernie's "let the murderers vote" position was a deal breaker for me. Pete just exceeded all expectations--and he is my home town mayor. Amy exceeded expectations, showing both intellect and passion (which I hadn't seen before). I'd like better geographical balance, but figure we already have both coasts, and locking up the upper midwest is key to the kingdom. This ticket has two Ivy League magna cum laude grads (Harvard/Yale), plus primo graduate school chops (Oxford/Chicago). I doubt any ticket in history can match those educational credentials! Now let's go out and WIN this thing!

Proof That Repukes Lack the Embarrassment Gene (video)

I've long contended that the big advantage Repukes have over us is that they either don't have or completely suppress the embarrassment gene, and thus have no shame, which allows their hypocrisy free reign. This video should leave no doubt:

Russia claims to have blackmail on Trump

Source: DC Blue

HOT TOPIC Russia claims to have blackmail on Trump – Official threatens to release it
ByChristopher PowellPublished on April 10, 2019

It seems like Russian President Vladimir Putin may be deciding that Donald Trump is more trouble than he’s worth, after he failed to lift US sanctions against Russia multiple times. Russian officials are speaking out against Trump, mocking him, taunting, and now, talking about releasing blackmail material.

A Russian debate took place on Russian state-run television where several Russian officials discussed various political issues. One of which was was Nikita Isaev, the Director of the Russian Institute of Contemporary Economics.

He said, “Let’s hit Trump with our Kompromat!”, which certainly looks like a reference to the infamous Pee Pee Tape or, at the very least, some type of other blackmail material the Kremlin is holding over Trump’s head. (NOTE: In Russian politics, kompromat, short for “compromising material” is damaging information about a politician or other public figure used to create negative publicity, for blackmail, or for ensuring loyalty. )

The host asked, “Do we have it?” Isaev responded “Of course we have it!”

You can watch the hour-long Russian-language video can be watched here.

Julia Davis brought this to our attention when she pointed out Nikita Isaev’s call for the release of Kompromat. The interested part here is that someone in Isaev’s position wouldn’t have said something like this on Kremlin-controlled TV unless Vladimir Putin gave him permission to say it.

Read more: Link to source

Maybe There IS a GOD After All!

Why Don't States Pass Laws Requiring 10-Years of Taxes Before Candidates Can Be On Their Ballots?

Seems like that would solve the problem once and for all. Trump wouldn't run!

Let's Address the Ageism Elephant in the Room!

Ageism is written right into the Constitution, where it defines the minimum age to be POTUS—35. Why should there not be a maximum age? We’ve now had two presidents first inaugurated at age 70 (Reagan was 69 years and 348 days—close enough!) and The Orange Buffoon at 71.6. Reagan by the end had to have his wife whisper answers in his ear, and confused movies with real life. Trump already can’t pronounce ‘anonymous’ or ‘origins,’ and he confuses the Sicario movies with real life Mexico. Look, I like ALL our candidates, personally--Joe Biden is even my birth-mate. But the three B’s, as I call them, Biden, Bernie, and Bloomberg, are all 77 right now, with nearly two years to go to inauguration! Now add in two terms and we are talking about them needing drool catchers! How many organizations have mandatory retirement ages? The five Democratic Presidents in our lifetimes were first inaugurated at 43, 46, 47, 51, and 52, with Carter the oldest. I didn’t include Johnson (55) and Truman (60) because they first ascended to the presidency via death, but still, they were WAY under the three B’s! In this case Ageism isn’t discrimination; it is salvation, because we are talking about the POTUS!

Remember The Old South's Yellow Dog Democrats? Well I Consider Myself One Now: ....

... I have my druthers, but I'd vote for a yellow dog before I'd vote for a Repuke!

So, Basically, Turns Out Mueller Is a Repub Above All Else, and Now He Sails Away ...

on his brand new 200 foot yacht!

My Take on Our 2020 Candidates:

First of all, BOTH Joe Biden (we share a birthday) and E. Warren are too old! As much as I appreciate both, we need the very best this trip. Therefore, my picks are:

POTUS: Tom Steyer

VEEP: Amy Klobuchar

Both are the perfect ages. Both are honor grads of Yale--Tom summa, and Amy magna. Both have prestigious graduate records at top notch schools (Stanford and Chicago). Tom is a self-made ACTUAL billionaire, whose record on Democratic and charitable causes is superb. Amy a terrific Senator who would step right in as President of the Senate. Both are "likable" (this COUNTS folks!). Nice geographical balance. This team would sweep the elections and win back the Senate (perfectly set-up and our turn!).

All inputs would be appreciated!


Nice Santa Clause Rally!!

Market down only 653 today, continuing the Trump disaster. I'm guessing this will get the Repukes' attention now--they are only concerned with their pocket books. They will start bailing on this cretin now!
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