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The Hill is owned by a Trumpite billionaire-- don't quote them please!

The Hill is a paper owned by Jimmy Finkelstein, a Republican billionaire who was an early backer of Trump.

The Hill hired John Solomon, known rightwing shill, who came from Circa (Sinclair website). Solomon singlehandedly created one of the worst Hillary smears of all: the deflection about uranium. Flynn was trying to do a nuclear deal with the Iranians and Russians, to enrich himself (and likely Kushner and Trump; Mueller will tell us more.) Solomon, at The Hill, with his owners’ implicit support, ran a series of propaganda articles deflecting a uranium scandal onto Hillary— and that “Uranium One” story turned out to be totally false. The worst part is that it is now harder to persuade people Flynn and Kushner were the ones involved in the real uranium scandal.

Josh Marshall at TPM has a lot of explanation about Solomon’s past:

And the Hill’s newsroom revolted against Solomon and the owner Finkelstein:

More recently the Hill has been running Trump’s lies repeatedly, unfiltered, in headlines. The Hill is helping Trump spread his lies.

No one on DU should quote The Hill. Stand up against Republican-owned publications distorting American public debate and screwing over the country. Ignore The Hill.

Jay Rosen is a very perceptive media observer. He says “The Hill is not journalism.” Wow. Ignore The Hill, please.


They don't practice journalism at
. Stenography is not quite the right term, either. Last night I watched 'Miller's Crossing' for I dunno, the 17th time? The mayor and police commissioner who just do what the gangsters tell 'em.
is those guys. Plus Chartbeat.

The real reason Republicans in Congress are helping with the Trump coverup

The Republicans in Congress are helping with the Trump coverup. They are blocking effective oversight.

The Founding Fathers anticipated a corrupt President. They did not anticipate a complicit Congress.

But why are Republicans helping cover up for the president? In some cases, as with Nunes and Rohrabacher, it’s because they may well have committed crimes themselves.

I believe the full explanation for the rest of the Republicans is simple. Simply, it is about political power, of course.

But more specifically the coverup is because Republicans know that when Russia helped Trump they also helped Congressional elections. Specifically, they helped in Senate elections. The top of the ticket affects down ballot races, and turnout affects down ballot races. We know the goal of Russia and the Trump and NRA Facebook ads was to suppress Dem turnout. At least three Republican Senators won by a tiny margin, of 3% or less. Pat Toomey won by 1.5% - 86,000 votes - well within the range of votes Russia and secret dark money ads could have suppressed. Flipping two seats- say PA and WI or MO - to the Dems would mean NO GOP majority in the Senate right now.

That means that the Republican Senate majority is ILLEGITIMATE. Their judicial appointments are illegitimate. Their tax cut is illegitimate. Their cabinet appointments are illegitimate. Everything the GOP has done in the last year is a farce and due to massive voter suppression, dark social media ads, billionaires running Muslim hate ads, and worst - a foreign power intervening in our democracy and the guy at the top of the ticket inciting hate to turn out racists.

If it wasn’t for wikileaks, there is a very very good chance we have a Dem Senate.

Let me say it again. Gorsuch is illegitimate. Russia and their intervention put him in that seat.

That’s why the GOP doesn’t want an investigation. They don’t want the rest of America waking up and realizing Pat Toomey and Roy Blunt and Ron Johnson are illegitimate senators.

"We have legalized political corruption" - Ezra Klein show

A great discussion on the history of campaign finance, how elections are awash in money, and how our problems today are due to the ability of the wealthy to buy politicians.

Podcast from Ezra Klein at Vox talking to Zephyr Teachout. (Use link below or subscribe to the Ezra Klein show, it's the most recent episode.)


This episode is a must-listen, in my view.

Anyone know where to find a transcript of this?
Interested to hear people's opinions of this discussion.

The president is doing Putin's bidding (TPM/Marshall)

This is a good article. Josh Marshall has been cautious about making direct accusations. But this article is strong and direct.


Whether Vladimir Putin has something on Donald Trump or somehow has him in his pay hardly matters. If he doesn’t, he apparently doesn’t need to do since Trump insists on doing more or less exactly what Putin would want of him entirely on his own. Does this sound hyperbolic. Yes, it absolutely does. I’m even surprised I’m writing it. But look at the evidence before us. A simple statement on a decades old security commitment is the simplest, most pro-forma thing to do. And yet he refuses. Again and again.

Something is very wrong here. But we don’t know yet its origins or where it’s taking us.

How Fox News handled a week of major Trump scandals (Video will make you angry. Or sad for America)


America's for-profit media corporations catastrophically failed us


America's for-profit media corporations failed in their duty to society in 2016 to a catastrophic degree.
There will be a reckoning.
-Eric Garland

He's talking about the Washington Post article by Palmieri, where she said the Clinton campaign tried to get the attention of the media about Russia and no one in the mainstream media was interested. And he's talking about the ratings-seeking behavior of CNN and CBS and NBC, not just Fox NC. (CBS CEO: "Trump is bad for America but great for CBS- the money is rolling in!!".

Ken Tremendous (creator of Parks and Rec, an amazing piece of progressive entertainment) is on the same page:

NYTimes/Haberman amplify Trump's lies

Why does the media just replay Trump's comments without proper context?
There is now ample evidence that when he speaks to the media, his goal is to mislead, not to give facts.

Maggie Haberman at the NYT got called by Trump after the AHCA failed. What did she do? Repeat Trump's words.
Maggie, read this:
Media instructions: Talk about the truth, note diversion, go back to real issues] [link:Lakoff link

Here's the Haberman tweet below. It should have said:
"TRUMP tries to blame Democrats for AHCA failure and he will try to blame further failure on them".

Instead she says:

Excellent by Schiff: The Rise of the Autocrats. Our challenges, both short- and long-term

Excellent long article by Schiff, including historical and foreign perspectives on the challenges America faces.

Worth a read.

This is the kind of stuff that could launch Schiff into the Presidential race.


How far-right media took over American public debate

In a time where so much is happening, this article does a good job of reminding us how much right wing talk radio, Fox NC, and right wing internet media hurts American society (and prevents investigations, advances Gorsuch, and smears Obama).


...perhaps the weightiest issue influencing Donald Trump's rise [Ed: and keeping him in place today!]. More than fake news, more than filter bubbles, more than insane conspiracy theories about child sex rings operating out of the backs of Washington DC pizza shops, the biggest media story to emerge from the 2016 election was the degree to which far-right media were able to set the narrative agenda for mainstream media outlets (This point is ably argued by internet scholars Yochai Benkler, Robert Faris, Hal Roberts, and Ethan Zuckerman).

What Breitbart did, what conspiratorial far-right radio programs did, what Donald Trump himself did (to say nothing of what the silent contributors to the political landscape did), was ensure that what far-right pundits were talking about became what everyone was talking about, what everyone had to talk about, if they wanted to keep abreast of the day's news cycle. Alt-right antagonisms—their "trolling"—was one cloud among many in this gathering storm, one roaring towards the mainstream from the far-far right.

Democrats gather in DC this week to plot the resistance


The Democratic Party’s top officials will meet with some of their wealthiest donors in Washington, D.C., this week to plot the Trump resistance, according to documents obtained by The Daily Beast.
The chairs of the Democratic National Committee and the party’s House and Senate campaign arms will huddle with activists, operatives, and deep-pocketed Democratic financiers at a biannual conference hosted by the Democracy Alliance, a leading left-wing donor collaborative at Washington’s ritzy Mandarin Oriental hotel.
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