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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 2,240

Journal Archives

Does Trump

fly A hole 1 to his rallies?

Is obviouser a word?

for we who have known all along is obviouser appropriate when we try to explain to the Rubes?

This situation could be cleared up easily

The committees that have the power to subpoena Trumps tax returns need to do so. Every one of the secrets are in there. Time to do their job. We need to make it clear to them exactly what that means and what will happen if they don't.

Our standing in the world

went down precipitously today. We already know UK is going to have large numbers demanding Scrotus not come to their countries. I assume Germany will have similar. I can't imagine many countries where he can go without huge protest.

Angela Merkel

said she thought Bush unwanted back massage was low point in her life before meeting this bag of dicks Trump.

Has a press conference

ever included a stroke!

Trumps budget

would make us Kansas with a hell of an army.

Mein Furor

will probably be at his struttin pouty mouth best at his rally in Nashville tonight. With his health scam in tatters and being slapped down again on Muslim ban I'm sure he'll just be an orange ball of hate. Handlers will have their hands full. Propaganda team already figuring out how they are gonna cover the crap he spews.

Where does Trump think his grandkids will live

When he finishes destroying this planet? Or is he really the kind of monster I think he is? So vain he really doesn't care if it doesn't affect him right here right now!

Must have been pretty obvious

What was going on with Trumps Oklahoma campaign chair and strong supporter. The desk clerk made a welfare of child call to police.
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