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Bluepinky's Journal
Bluepinky's Journal
November 6, 2018

Just voted in my smallish town, busy but no lines.

My son and I voted at noon, husband and daughter voted this am to add x4 votes for all Democratic candidates. Yahoo!

And paper ballots too!

October 23, 2018

Got a text on my cell phone yesterday from RonDeSantis.com/EarlyVoting

which links to Florida Dept. of State and explains how to successfully complete early voting. The text asks all Republicans to vote early for DeSantis because “Andrew Gillum is a radical far-left democrat. His campaign is powered by SOCIALISTS Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Gillum wants to abolish ICE, allow sanctuary cities, add BILLIONS in new FL taxes and defund the police.” I noticed the text earlier today.

My question is, why did I get this text? I don’t live in Florida and I’m not registered as a Republican. Has anyone else received a text from this campaign? I sense the Repubs are desperate.

July 2, 2018

I guess you're helping Bernie with his campaigning, then.

The first I heard of his appearance at a rally yesterday was from people on DU criticizing him today. Thanks for helping to keep him in the news! Glad you and others are behind him now!

June 16, 2018

I think the conservative "think tanks" are a danger to our democracy.

I have posted about this issue before because I think it’s really important. I don’t know a lot about the think tanks, but they have been around for a long time and there are a lot of them. They seem to be created by and run by entities with a lot of money to spend. And they seem to be taking a long-term approach to slowly destroying our democracy. They seem to have a plan in place to concentrate the media to more easily control the content, to distort the Republican message to make it more palatable to the masses (note how Republicans are always “on message” and all have the same talking points), to alter the landscape of the system of justice (with candidates pre-vetted by conservative groups and ready to be appointed when there’s an opening), to sponsor and pass legislation to benefit the wealthy at the expense of the poor and working class, etc.

I think conservatives have been working to rig the system in their favor for a long time (at least since Reagan), and the Democrats are way behind. I don’t know how we can catch up to them to stop their agenda. Any thoughts on this?

May 5, 2018

Anybody watching Trump now?

In fine form, talking about fake news, Obama, immigration, how great his tax cuts are.

Now a woman next to him speaking, “Mr. President, it’s an honor to be here with you” ...she and husband have $200-300 more dollars in each paycheck due to new tax cuts.

Her husband verbalizing how great things are for him economically since tax cuts. The audience following orders and clapping on cue.

Other people speaking about how great Trump and tax cuts are. Garbage...

May 2, 2018

So I talked to my Fox-watching, Trump-loving sister yesterday.

We try not to talk about politics, because we end up fighting. But yesterday I said something that triggered a “discussion”.

She asked me if I’m part of the “Me Too” movement; I didn’t know why she asked that. She said the “Me Too” movement is anti-male, with the goal of bashing and hating men and boys. She has a teenage son and doesn’t want anything to do with a liberal movement whose goal is to hurt and hate males. I explained that “Me Too” is about fighting against sexual harassment, not hating men and boys.

This is how Fox News and right wing talk radio distorts things. They have turned the “Me Too” issue into a male bashing movement. It breaks my heart that my sister has been brainwashed into believing the crap she hears on Fox.

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