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Thomas Hurt

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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 10,669

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My memory is fuzzy. Anyone remember when King Cockwomble I last destroyed the Turkish economy?

I got an email this morning asking me to join the Illuminati. I feel so special...

Who wouldn't want to be part of the super secret organization that controls the world.

I imagine there is a membership fee, credit card info or other PI required...........LOL.

Can the House ask the courts to consolidate all the subpoena cases and expedite?

Anyone know?

These type of issues hit the news, the House leadership take their time...

to get to the bottom of it...and while that is happening, Trump lies, spins, delays, gaslights and creates a conspiracy theories to explain it all away. The Democrats lose control of the narrative. The general public gets tired of hearing about it, if they were ever paying attention. The fascist base have time to mobilize and spread the same lies and bee ess.

Question: Anyone know if a House attorney can pursue a contempt of Congress citation?

Is that something that does not require the DOJ to prosecute as a criminal matter?

So FF45 sends a private citizen on the sly to deliver

a hand written note to Sessions to end the Mueller investigation.....has it that not obstruction?

Question: Can Trump win on the votes of white rural Americans?

Cuz he is working hard at alienating everyone else.

The Trumpists are fronting the story that the El Paso shooter is an environmental extremist....lol.

CNN is telling me that impeachment fizzled...doesn't it have to shine before it can fizzle?

again wtf is with these false expectations surrounding Mueller and impeachment coming from the media.


Is it my imagination or are there many many people...

among the media, the pundits, the activists and politicians of the left that thought today was about Mueller giving the House permission to impeach that freak? WTF
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