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Thomas Hurt

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Member since: Wed Mar 8, 2017, 01:59 PM
Number of posts: 13,891

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What do you think the odds are Trump will sue after he is impeached?

Just saw a comment from a Trumpist claiming that Barr/Durham have called a grand jury

regarding the investigation into Trump and Russia investigation. Anyone seen anything on that?

Can someone clarify for me as I am not able to watch the testimony...

LT COL Vindman heard the phone call on tape or he was on an extension listening in?

Approximately 23 years ago Richard Jewell got royally screwed after the Atlanta Olympics bombing...

Now in the age of Trump and conservative authoritarian attacks on the media....we get a Clint Eastwood movie about him.

Do I smell a propagandist rat or is my tinfoil beanie on too tight?

So how many of you think that the discussion between Barr and Trump...

was Barr telling him the magical mystery tour Barr and Durham just completed resulted in nothing they can leverage or fabricate into a distraction.

Anyone know if there is a burden of proof standard in impeachment trials?

Cuz the GOP looks like they are going to apply a criminal standard.

Thoughts? Is Pence lurking in shadows with his eye on the Presidency...

or is he a completely servile worm who doesn't have the stones to move on the Oval Office

So what happens when and if Gorsuch or Beer Boy stiff Trump on a SC ruling?

So...was Trump's genius strategic move in Syria to genocide the Kurds...

then things become peaceful. Otherwise I don't see what the fn idiot is up to.

Has the amoral pig started a war that will spread in the ME and threaten Israel?

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