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Member since: Fri Mar 17, 2017, 04:32 AM
Number of posts: 2,040

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This is Florida: Man accused of telling children where babies come from

Sounds like he was scientifically accurate, LOL!


Trump Doral Shooting Suspect Vehicle images

Can anyone ID the sticker on this guys rear window?



EDIT: Wrong shooting in my title. God how many f***ing shootings must we have in this country?

Best part about the "Lawyer calling ICE on two employees speaking Spanish" story...

The best part, to me, is that the lawyer claims he "paid for their welfare", when they are in fact working a paying job right in front of him.


Oh my Science! (Sarah Braasch edition)

I finally figured out why I knew this name; I went to law school with her!

Small world...

The Trump Admin meeting with Military Spouses MYSTERY SOLVED!

Everyone is talking about how some Trumpies met with a bunch of military spouses, which turned out to be a gaggle of all white women (wait, maybe there is one Asian lady in there, can't tell from the pics).

Anyway, I solved the mystery: The meeting wasn't with CURRENT military spouses, but rather it was with members of the Daughters of the Confederacy! It looks like the Trump clan got confused as to just which military force it was supposed to honor....

(I jest, of course. The Trump clan is certainly not confused about its wish to honor only white folks).
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