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ExciteBike66's Journal
ExciteBike66's Journal
August 30, 2021

Latest Drone Strike and Civilian Casualties...

I generally detest drone warfare (and traditional bombing with manned aircraft) due to the civilian casualties it produces.

However, it is very likely that if the car bomb they destroyed had been allowed to go off at the airport, the civilian casualties would have been much higher.

The traditional "trolley problem" lives on.

August 19, 2021

My favorite contradictory Afghanistan soundbite!

Republicans: "The world will never trust us again"

Also Republicans: "Biden should have reneged on the peace agreement we just signed with the Taliban months ago!"

August 7, 2021

Florida: My county school district is imposing the most useful mandate! /s

I got a message from Seminole County (of both George Zimmerman and Joel Greenberg fame!): The schools have imposed a mask requirement, but parents can opt out for any reason at all!

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