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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 9,713

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When RUMP loses in Nov.

Will ALL Rump family lose their Top level security clearance? I hope so!

RETHUGLICONS are the party of

STOP the vote, and STOP the testing. NO testing produce low numbers, and NO voting produce LOW numbers! Lets use their same rule in the senate vote for SC nominee. (no voting)

This happen to anyone else?

Just received a letter from Melania trump today. Was headed for the trash but outside the envelope stated check enclosed. I open it up and low and behold a $45 check made out to the republican national committee. Memo on it says support for prsident rumps agenda! I CANNOT fucking believe this!! CANNOT even read the authorizing signature!! WOW these motherfuckers are something! Wants us to mail it to p56 Republican national committee c/o melania trump po box 96994 Washington DC. 20090-6994 Dirty bastards send check right back to melania?

Any words of support from RBG. colleagues

Did i miss any words from the SC judges?

Is there such a thing as precedence?

Go to SC on Moscows own words no vote on nominee in election year?

How many rethug no votes will it take to

Stop RUMP and Moscow Mitch?

Lets all DONATE to Joe

In the name of Ruth Bader Ginsburg!!!

My morning election question. ( I feel the GOP gameplan is tie this election up in the courts)

If not decided by Jan 1st what happens in the House and Senate? Is it possible that the new House and Senate could be seated? If yes, and we get control ( of BOTH) Our investigation can begin in the Senate and house right?

Just wondering here. Anybody here think

That ANY of RUMPS no mask assholes would sign a NO MEDICAL TREATMENT ORDER for Covid-19? I almost think they would be that culty, and do ANYTHING for their chosen one!

Please chime in here about your schools covid reports.

Here in North Dakota it's a complete mystery as to how many students are positive or what they are doing about it if anything!! Also seems like the local news sources are NOT alt all interested as to reporting anything pertaining to the school positive cases! grr: : If i were a parent of students in school i would be ENRAGED!! What the hell is going on?
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