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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,381

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So maybe 40 days to PARDONS begin?

They will ALL be GONE!!!! Then it's OUR turn!!

Self pardon Questions again. IF Rump self pardons, in last hours of his presidency

Will it be OVERTURNED? WHO would lead on this? (I'm sure SOMEBODY will NOT let this stand as law of the land)

So will Joe be the 46th. president or the 47th?

I'm really not sure. What do you think?

All these fucking RUMPERS have 2 months of free reign (seems like)

Gonna be tough for sure! Our skin is gonna have to thicken a bunch, BUT FINAL VICTORY will be sweet!!

Just curious when and who will be RUMPS first pardon be?

I'm thinking Ivanka. Right after Joe is completely certified OUR President!!

When EVERYTHING you are doing FAILS then (RUDY)

Have a MAJOR MELT DOWN on Fox news!!! That's how i see it today!!

After thinking some here, It would NOT surprise me if

RUMP is even worried about ANY pardons. Maybe he is willing to take a chance that NO federal charges will be filed against him? Seems like he's CRAZY enough to believe this.

I'm thinking, there are only maybe a hundred things RUMP could be impeached for

The Senate RETHUGS will do NOTHING again.

Let's talk Supreme Court for a bit.

I cannot believe the SC wants anything more to do with RUMPY. So why can't they just IGNORE the lawsuits, that are filed on the election? Just sit on them. Can't they do that?

Would a president pardoning HIMSELF

Shoot down the SC. statement that NO MAN is ABOVE THE LAW?
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