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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,410

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Somehow we need to find the BAD guys in the intelligence dept.

Rump, AND the senate rethugs are destroying our country! The GOOD GUYS are being removed from their positions and ASSHOLES are being installed! I know the national security issues are REAL but Joe may need to SCRAP it all and start all over somehow. These traitors (ALL senators being blackmailed or whatever) need to be investigated with HONEST investigators and REMOVED somehow. Joe and Kamala will have their hands full, that's for sure. So much DIRTY shit going on in our country!

Just thinking. Couldn't NY. Gov. request Barr investigate RUMP

For his bullshit threat to the people of NY?

With all the judges RUMP has put in place, i'm wondering if any of them

Could be involved in the NY. indictments possibly coming AFTER this asshole is out of office? ( i hope not)

If their MOTHERS had to be sold to keep RUMP president


Joe could pardon anyone RUMP goes after IF

They ALL come forward with the possible BULLSHIT RUMP has in the plans with this country, if Esper is correct.

EVERYONE that RUMP has fired, has MORE PATRIOTISM in one drop of their blood that RUMP

Has in his WHOLE FUCKING BODY!!! What an ASSHOLE he is!

The yes voters for RUMP make no sense. I mean really.

If they had a list of what Democrats believe in, i mean line by line list, let's say 50 lines long. ( just for illustration) They would support 48 of them, and vote because number 49 was abortion, and number 50 was guns, They would vote for RUMP! So fuck the 48 reasons to support the Democrats. Just because of Numbers 48 and 49? Give me a fucking break! THAT'S WHERE WE ARE AT!!!!!!

I'm afraid Joe will discover that these RETHUGLICON senators of today are

NOT the same senators he was able to work with! It's the new RUMP world in America, that he has to deal with! To me it's almost the same problem Abraham Lincoln had when he was first elected. The USA. was in big time trouble and Lincoln knew this. Joe and Kamala will for sure have a huge battle to face, BUT I really believe THIS team will succeed!!

We need SAME DAY decisions from the courts on RETHUG cases!

THEY know who won and that all this is BULLSHIT!!!
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