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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,410

Journal Archives

What can we expect from RUMPS lawyers tomorrow

Will they go straight to the SC? or file in the lower courts?

SOOO excited here

Waiting to hear OUR President AND Vice president hold a news conference!!!

Was the problem with provisional ballots in Pa. be caused by DEJOY?

AGAIN? Is this the reason why people had to vote provisional? (mailing problems)

After Jan. 20th will all codes and passwords

Pertaining to OUR Government be COMPLETELY changed? If so, will this be the FIRST time in history of this country had to do it?

I don't know BUT, could it be possible that Biden wants his home state to be the one to put him

OVER THE TOP? I just have this thought. Maybe not.

Senate question here

Lets say the senate is 50 Democrats and 50 RETHUGLICONS, and Joe and Kamala are in the Whitehouse. Ok who controls the Senate day to day? Does McTURTLE lose his leadership?

Question on post marks

Why the fuck shouldn't they be marked (CLEARLY) at post office where they were taken to? (BALLOTS only i'm concerned about) Rest of the mail i don't care about BUT i do with mailed ballots!!

Just wondering about Arizona

Can we say John McCain got Mcturtle and Rump AGAIN? I believe so!!!

After a Biden, and Kamala victory

They will have their hands full. RUMP people will cause all kinds of trouble. I do worry about how HARD it's going to be for them! They will need our FULL support that's for sure!! Be ready for anything!!

Anxious here

Is Nevada waiting until tom. for their total numbers? (so we won't know tonight?)
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