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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,381

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Just came in from outside, and saw maybe 600,000 votes possibly missing in Arizona?

What the fuck is happening? anybody know?

With Biden in, a new AG, i feel

The HOUSE will get full subpoena power back!! THAT will make things interesting, right?

Wondering here. So when Biden wins, and AFTER Rump is charged by the NY AG

Maybe the investigation COULD involve sitting RETHUGLICON senators? They could ALSO be charged, and removed!! (wishful thinking?)

I look at it this way. If they (RETHUGS) say there is 300,000 ballots lost, i say

There is more like 1.5 million ballots missing? (wouldn't surprise me)

If Biden wins can

This POST OFFICE bullshit be fixed?

Will RUMP be the MOST pardonable president ever?

WOW! I bet the numbers will be AMAZING!!

Anybody that's planning to celebrate OUR great victory

I would say be VERY careful. Keep your eyes open for vehicles that will run over you and your family. Watch your surroundings VERY CAREFULLY!!(Expect anything) There's going to be some very pissed off RUMPERS!! BUT do enjoy our victory with care!!!
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