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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,722

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Pardons are gonna be real hard on us (28 fucking days)

Again our hands are tied, with NO RECOURSE. PROOF tho that he is a FUCKING LOSER! Come on Jan 20th!!!!

After Joe and Kamala enter the white house, i think

The new AG. should look to start the investigation with IVANKA. (THIS will piss RUMP off to the max) Plus i'm certain this will take them ALL down eventually.

Just gotta say something about pardons.

I've ALWAYS thought of RUMP as the MAIN conspirator. NOT co-conspirator. So he should NOT be able to pardon anybody, and NOBODY should be able to pardon RUMP. This WHOLE fucking family had destroyed EVERYTHING America is about, GOD DAM IT!!!!!!! (So fucking pissed at the SENATE RETHUGS)

Will flynn finally shut his fucking mouth after

Rump is out of office? i hope he keeps mouthing, so he can finally be put AWAY!!

Help me feel better.

Did RUMP (or family) know all the codes that could cause all this fucking damage with this hack? Or was it really hack without their help?

How about more VICTORY talk and LESS

Barr talk!! GO JOE and KAMALA!!!!

Seriously i gotta wonder, that if i was a worker in the treasury if i'd be blaming RUMP

Under my breath? Surely they gotta think RUMP is a traitor?

Question. After Rump is OUT! can

The Mueller report be brought front and center? THEN, like i think MUELLER said RUMP could be prosecuted? Just ANOTHER way to prosecute him IF he self pardons!! PLEASE do it DUMPPER.

Looks like EVERY day between now and Jan 20th.

Will give new reasons why the new AG should NOT go EASY on the RUMP family!!! Let them dig the hole deeper each day!!

GREAT decision from the Supreme Court. NOW for discussion purposes,

When will the pardons (first sign of defeat) BEGIN? I say sometime around the first week of Jan.
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