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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,722

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Here in North Dakota our GOV. last week declared our state as a second amendment Sanctuary state

So, now i bet we'll have some permitless gun carry next? It's getting really CRAZY out there folks!!

Maybe a dumb question here on Arizona recount fiasco

Could a GROUP of voters from Arizona, go to court to STOP this asshole co. from touching THEIR ballot? I'm thinking when i vote, that IS MY BALLOT!

Question about the count in Arizona

I'm worried this type recount could happen during the 2022 election, in EVERY rethuglicon controlled state. Is it possible that they could do it during the 2022- 2024 election?

How can Manchin continue his obstuction after what

Arizona is doing? Jesus H Christ!

Got a great idea!

Why don't we (the Democrats) Pick an AUDIT company and send them into FLORIDA! check out the Gore election?

I do NOT want be over confident here BUT

If QRUMP and the RETHUGS continue to fight each other, (and they really are.) Their votes will be split, so i see noway we lose UNLESS each RETHUGLICON state legislatures gets away with their new way to count the votes.(this could destroy our country!

I fear our ONLY chance at gun control will come down to

powerful push at election time to push the fact that the person running is a full gun supporter! (IF the majority of the electorate are for gun reform) THIS is our only shot! (we have tried everything else it seems like) EVERY person that is for NO GUN LAWS, need to be REMOVED! LOCAL elections MATTER as well!

Maybe a dumb question on Assault rifles

Is there anything the Biden Ad. do about the ammunition that makes assault rifles so deadly? Could they put a special tax on it? (HUGE TAX) (the most popular ammo used)

Looking here for comments about Chauvin's jury's decision day.

If found guilty, will he be handcuffed in court? If found guilty, will he be free, while on appeal? (we know it will be appealed) What should we all expect IF it's a guilty verdict? ( i hope he goes to prison while the appeal is ongoing)

Tell me,Would things be different if COVID-19 would have KILLED everyone that got it?

Sometimes i catch myself thinking, (God dam i wish these ASSHOLES would just die) Someday though the new scary variants probably WILL do just that. We'll see.
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