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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,739

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Probably impossible, BUT pertaining to the QTHUGS in congress that CONTINUOUSLY lie (EVERY DAY)

Why cannot they (everyone of them) be Subpoenaed for PROOF of their lies? Get them under oath!!! SO fucking tired of their LIES!!

You know what? I really believe putin and QRUMP knew how easy it would be to form this CULT!

These people (plus the 150 House QTHUGS and QTHUGS in the Senate) are OFF THE WALL CRAZY!!!! THEY have NOTHING between the ears!! FULL BLOWN FUCKING TRAITORS!!!! ALL of them!

The wife and i just had our

SECOND Moderna shot just now!!! BOTH Feeling great!!! will see how we are doing tom AM!

ok this is for our congress rules people here, pertaining to Green shenanigans.

Could the House rules be changed, so that EVERY time she intentionally delays, by calling for adjournment, then the house would work through the evening? (til Midnight) She has to be STOPPED. She is disrupting our sacred proceedings! (one person is doing this) i'm thinking the qthugs in the house would be very upset if every time she pulled this shit they ALL have to work like til MIDNIGHT!! Dumb idea?

When RUMPS charges start to pile up, WHO (just for discussion purposes)

Will be his attorney??

Just gotta say this now

With everything the QTHUGLICON controlled states are doing to our country, plus what the House and Senate QTHUGS doing what they are doing, How can Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema NOT want to do EVERYTHING they can to save our democracy?? I just fucking don't get it!! Sorry for the rant , but come on give me a fucking break!!

Next problem will be DEJOY

Messing with the Covid check rollouts.

Maybe pass a bill that if you voted AGAINST the Covid package

You request YOUR fellow QTHUGS in your state to turn down the $1400, plus their unemployment too?

Just wondering the IF the QTHUGS are sure the Dems have the votes (which i'm sure they will)

Will any of them cross over and support the covid package? ( a couple maybe?)

Question on covid package in the senate

Is the senate working through the weekend?
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