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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,211

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Question on our elections please

The rethugs have a plan to do away with electoral college votes. So my question is what will this do to state LOCAL candidates that win or lose? I was thinking about Texas for instance. Could the Texas state legislature interfere IF O'Rourke win? (if he wins) What about other RETHUGLICON contrlled states local elections? Just trying to understand what will happen with them. TY in advance.

SC questions here

Was the SC rules ALWAYS as they are today? (pertaining to recusing themselves) How were these rules established?

A call out to Anonymous.

Please break into RUSSIAN TV, showing the TRUTH, and ask RUSSIAN people to HELP Ukraine!!!

Just thinking about fuel prices skyrocketing here

Can Joe, and his team, do anything about fuel stimulus money? I'm sure congress has to approve this right? This could get the RETHUGS on record for midterm elections?

The way it's looking, Ukraine will fall to russia. ( I really hope NOT)

Little pooty wants Zelensky DEAD in the worst way! (very personal i feel) The problem is, russia WILL die as well!! (unless some russian general takes little pooty out!)

I just have to wonder about russia

The little bastard is in a room, possibly scared to come out. Why doesn't the generals just, #1. don't go there! 2. DON"T do anything the asshole tells them. What can he do? He comes out, KILL him.

I'm so upset at russia. I gotta ask this here.

Does a country HAVE to be a NATO member to be protected? I mean i have thoughts, that when Russia started their BULLSHIT, what would have happened IF Every NATO country Dropped troops into the Ukraine BEFORE the Russians invade? I CANNOT believe little putin would want to go nuclear, because he has too good a life style! Thoughts?

Questions here for our smart members!

I heard russia stockpiled trillions of dollars to prepare for the sanctions. Now, How would they disperse the money? Plus is it possible for us to completely disrupt the banking systems there, that would cause MAJOR problems there? I would love to completely shut down their money movement!!

Someone is spoiling me AGAIN!

THANK YOU for another heart!!!

WOW! i got heart bombed!!

Thank you all very much!!
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