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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 6,871

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Is it possible that the House could ask SC

To reconsider the Ruling on tRUMPS emergency wall money?

The religious right are saying GOD wants tRUMP!

That means pUTIN is GOD?

Why is the pentagon so eager to hand over funds?

Just seems that they don't object to this shit at all!!

Question: When the House resumes in Sept. will

All their hearings be open for public viewing? The inquiries could be VERY interesting coming up. Also the House hush money investigation will be very interesting! When these start at i feel we will ALL, (well most) of us will feel LOTS better! Looking forward to our future, and the day Nancy says IMPEACH! She will know when the time is right!

i need to ask this question about Impeachment inquiry hearings.

Now if the house decides to hold impeachment inquires, can they Subpoena anybody, (tRUMP or Mcturtle)? Can they actually hold tRUMP in contempt, and take him before the courts? (if he refuses to testify) I'm all for the impeachment inquires, whenever they decide to start them.

Is something missing at the tRUMP rallies?

Why aren't the tRUMP base wearing AK-47's? Are they not ALLOWED? hum i wonder why?

Just thinking! Is it possible that the RETHUGS are planning

For tRUMP to hand the election to Pence, at the last minute? ( with the guarantee of complete pardon for the asshole and family?) I wouldn't put ANYTHING pass these fuckers!!

About the Rightwing fuckers. It seems to me that

Most of the creeps are from 20 to 30 years of age! Yea some seniors too, but The really really really bad ass scum are in the 20 to 30 age group. Shows how dumb people can be. Am i wrong here in my thinking?

Question on presidential power here

When we win the white house, the President could executive order a BAN on assault weapons (along with close the loophole in gun shows)! With everything RUMP is doing, i'm sure it's possible. (national security reasons) BUT will the courts block it?

My thoughts on Epstein.

Ok i worked in a Mental Hospital for about 14 years. If there were threats of harming themselves, a pt was placed in what we call camera observation 24 /7. until DRS. decided to rescind that order! NOW i'm sure everyone ( in this facility) knew there would be a hell of an outcry if something happened to Epstein, AFTER he threatened suicide. The Hospital management, to my thinking should have given HIM the MOST WATCHED STATUS!! FULL CAMERA observation AT ALL TIMES!! This just doesn't make sense to me. I do not trust BARR for one minute. I'm hoping the family members (if any) should request FULL independent investigation of this facility! The House has much to do BUT i hope they become involved somehow.
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