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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,198

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I just gotta say one more time

The seven rethugs PLUS moscow mitch need to Finally silence RUMP by getting the AG. put in place!!!

We live in North Dakota and this AM our power was cut for almost one and a half hrs.

Because of the storms in the southern US. BUT I've NEVER heard of this before. I have no problems with it BUT it was totally without warning. NO PLANNING was done. Asked Our Co-op what was going on, they said they have NO CHOICE in cutting the power! THEY had no idea of when it will go OFF and WHEN will come on. Also they DO NOT know if it's more than once or twice or three times or MORE. So i guess i'm saying THIS FN state does NOT give a shit about it's citizens right to know anything!! THAT'S what really pisses me off!!! There i'm done bitching now.

I'm having trouble understanding WHY the 7 Rethuglicon that voted to Indict RUMP

DO NOT tell their Rethuqicon censure assholes to STUFF IT and JOIN the Independents? Help us DESTROY RUMP and the rest of his counter parts.

Wonder will these 7 Retuglicon senators that voted to convict,

Vote WITH us when the AG. is confirmed? ( i hope so)

WOW! woke up to another heart

Thank you so much whoever you are!!!!!

Idiot rethuglicons!! Now it's time

For Joe to get his AG. so THIS JOB can be done RIGHT!!!!

Witness questions!

Once the witness's are called, WHO actually asks the questions? Is it the House managers, and the RUMP defense team? Are ANY sitting senators allowed to ask questions? TY in advance!!

My question on McCarthy here is

Was the phone call with RUMP BEFORE or AFTER the loss of lives? (capital police) To me that would be UN-FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!!!

Question for our great people in the know!!

IF the vote is just ONE member short,(to convict) can the senate leaders call for a SECOND VOTE? TY in advance.

Words i would like to see in the closing arguments are this

"If you choose NOT to remove, and stop this TERRORIST from destroying our great country, then YOU supporting OUR COUNTRY'S DESTRUCTION".
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