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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,412

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I do not worry so much about a Democrat winning the presidential election in 24. BUT

I do worry about the RETHUGLICON plans in their states legislatures. Should i be concerned about this happening? VOTE VOTE VOTE!! Local elections are dangerous!

Waiting for the BIG ONE here.

When will TFG have to give a DNA sample? Just seems like we have been waiting a hundred years? Please let's get this one in court!

Explain this to me please

How does the Jan 6 panel proceed to get the ones summoned, to APPEAR? What is the process when these yahoo's refuse to show up? TY in advance.

Just wondering. Can a president of the USA,

Ask for a QUICK decision from the Supreme Court? I'm thinking on the Texas new Abortion law! Or any issue facing our country? Just curious here.

Anybody answer this? I have a niece (30 i think) that got the covid,(no vaccination) works atdaycare

Her 3 kids (all negative) Daycare really pushing to get her back to work. North Dakota health dept says she can't work until she sees a DR. Today Dr. say lungs are good, but she's very weak and has really bad joint pain. Dr. refused a note for employer. So i'm thinking the health Dept. will tell her to return to work WITHOUT a Covid test. Is this the plan now? Let them return to work NOT KNOWING if they are still covid positive? I dont get it.

Just heard on our local news that the North Dakota NG. are heading to the southern border?

Maybe for a YEAR? Also saw in the Wyoming news that their Gov. will get a first hand look at the Border Crisis? What the fuck is going on? The QTHUGS gotta be pulling some shit this weekend? ANYBODY know what this is all about? ( I'm sure THIS is all to make Joe look bad no doubt)

Your thoughts please.

Ok i'm a firm believer in the saying Names in a hat. What if we were to put three figures (1.5 trillion , 2.5 trillion, 3.5 trillion) in a hat and picked the winner? Sounds like this would be the American way! Anybody think this would work?

I have ONE question about DEATH Santis Florida

Are people allowed to get the anti-body treatment, IN PLACE of the vaccination?

What do you think? (about Covid)

If you have a million dollar life insurance policy, then REFUSE vaccine, then die from covid, will insurance pay the million? I think they (insurance CO.) could tie it up in court.

I honerstly believe that, MOST RETHUGLICONS across our country

Really want a Civil War! That's the only way (they believe) to pull off what their goal is! (DESTROY our elections)
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