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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 7,090

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why can't we get a fucking break


mick mulvaney would need how many votes if

tRump gets his way for the senate to vote on this?

how about we don't

comment anymore on anti Al Franken threads until after investigation! some on here get a rush causing more trouble without any more proof.Just like to stir the pot. They should get 0 response on there threads!!!!!! Now if something REALLY NEW thats different. (not new in there eyes tho)

Manafort still on house arrest?

haven't heard much about those two

if Mueller gets copy of tRumps taxes what

would he be looking for? and could he prosecute if he finds anything that pertains to his not paying taxes?

If Greg Gianforte lied to investigating officers in Montana could he be charged with

Obstruction of justice? and or if found guilty that would be a felony?

i'm worried about Al

how many votes are needed for expulsion? I feel so bad for this shit

In tRumps case is there a charge Mueller could come up with to (against tRump)

take it out of congress's hands? Something so bad that ONLY a state or federal court could decide?

Just wondering here

is there any chance somebody is investigating tRump at a state level to get something on him he can't pardon? THAT is my dream

i ask the good people of Virginia

please tell us of your secret to get the vote power you achieved Maybe we all can learn from you guys and gals for the upcoming battle of 2018 &2020!!!!!!
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