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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 5,433

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If there was ever proof that we need to worry about the 2020 election

THIS is it! THEY will do everything and anything to destroy the Democrats! We ALL have to do EVERYTHING we can to make sure ALL votes are counted! They have a plan to CHEAT, STEAL, LIE at EVERY level!! Be ready!!

tRUMP release the report! because this is


Catch 22? I'm confused with so much disregard for the regulations!

So what if the House proves Barr's collusion? WHO will prosecute?

Still have to ask this

Where the fuck is Mueller? Who is stopping his interview? Is it the AG?Is it the Whitehouse? Is it Mueller himself? Anybody have a guess on this?

ONE question

I believe it's possible that through tRUMP, BARR requested Mueller to END this investigation! My question is Who feels this is possible or probable?

We will ALL feel better when

We get a date that Barr and Mueller will agree to testify publicly in the HOUSE or get their subpoena!!

My question here is

Why couldn't Mueller send a summary to congress? THEN go from there! i'm positive the wording would have been very different!!

Just heard on CNN that mueller declined to subpoena tRUMP evidently (Accepted written testimony)

I'm thinking what could Mueller do if tRUMP refused subpoena?? Could he have forced this a little further?

Just wondering what tRUMPS lawyers 1st thoughts are when

Their alarm goes off in the morning?

Who ever debates tRUMP, needs a BRIGHT RED alarm meter

EVERY-TIME tRUMP lies (every time his lips move) they could ALL hit the alarm switch! Then set the record straight!
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