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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 14,211

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The BARR report will NEVER compare to the

Adam Schiff REPORT!! (Alias Mueller report) The TRUTH will out these fuckers

Wondering here. Does anyone here know 100% certainly if Mueller was shutdown by BARR?

I really really think he was! THIS would have LOTS to do with whether or not he found any Collusion and or OBSTRUCTION! I have heard NOTHING on MSM about ANY possibility of this!

Is Barr completely untouchable?

Question About our Dems that have National security clearances

Why cant these people see the Mueller report NOW? Also 1st day it came out? If they have FULL clearance how can they be stopped?

Actually, Were not even sure if Mueller is done or not!

BARR'S word doesn't mean shit to me!! I want it from Muellers lips! and that will only happen if brought in front of the HOUSE! PUBLICLY! IT"S TIME!

SOOO pissed

tRUMPY'S are going FULL BALLISTIC!!!! There are NO RULES anymore!!

In my eyes, if Jesus returned today

tRUMPS base would say CRUCIFY HIM, WE have tRUMP!!

Just ONE question here about the Mueller report

When the house gets it. How do we know it's the TRUE Mueller report?

I have NO reason at this point to NOT believe Mueller if he testifies in the House, BUT

How does everyone else feel? If he is asked this question, Did BARR fire you? Also will Mueller testify, if tRUMP and or Barr asked him NOT TOO?

If there was ever proof that we need to worry about the 2020 election

THIS is it! THEY will do everything and anything to destroy the Democrats! We ALL have to do EVERYTHING we can to make sure ALL votes are counted! They have a plan to CHEAT, STEAL, LIE at EVERY level!! Be ready!!
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