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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
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Anybody here from Billings MT? We lived there from 71 to 78.

Was wondering if anybody ate at the Kit Kat cafe in the hights area? I remember the HUGE country fried steaks they served. Wow were they good! Don't suppose anyone would have THAT recipe? Just thought i'd check. I've made them, but they just DO NOT taste as good as those at the KIT KAT cafe.

Ok just for discussion. Pence refused RETHUGS game plan. (Still hate Pence)

So who would be TFG'S Vice president be, IF he runs again? I'm sure he's going to want a 100% yes man this time around. Would it be Cannon, or TX. AG paxton? Who else?

Question on our elections please

The rethugs have a plan to do away with electoral college votes. So my question is what will this do to state LOCAL candidates that win or lose? I was thinking about Texas for instance. Could the Texas state legislature interfere IF O'Rourke win? (if he wins) What about other RETHUGLICON contrlled states local elections? Just trying to understand what will happen with them. TY in advance.
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