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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,293

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Eating their own.

The trumpians are furious with Gov. Kemp of Georgia, certain that he accepted kickbacks when that State bought $107 million of voting machines and software from Dominion Software. This conspiracy theory comes courtesy of an interview of Sidney Powell this morning by Rush Limbaugh, wherein she said that she wouldn't be surprised if Kemp had taken kickbacks, and after a couple of nights ago she told Maria Bartiromo that governors and local officials HAD taken those bribes and that she'd never state anything she couldn't prove.

I find this all rather fun, to be honest.

So, Moderna's vaccine is clearly superior. Will Pfizer even play a role in our recovery?

What's their stock looking like today?

The trumpians are breathlessly awaiting the release of the Kraken

Courtesy of Sidney Powell.

Is "the Kraken" another name for Hunter's hard disk? Well, no, because that wouldn't change a single vote. Except that trumpians are not likely to know that.


Those people are so fucking stupid.

Wouldn't it be funny if Georgia's hand recount shows that the black box voting machines cheated

FOR trump?

Am I to take it that Republicans now want to do away with electronic voting machines? (see Sidney Powell).

If such a result comes about because of all this sore loserism then what a great turn of events that would be!

A very encouraging poll.

First a little background....

This is a poll conducted on a deep south college football fan site. Deep, deep south, in fact. I used to be a regular poster there until the very right wing board owner decided he would allow his right wing subscribers to run rough shod over any Democrat or progressive. Thus it has become about 95% trumpian. And when I told them to fuck off with their nonsense I was banned.

Anyway... here's the poll question:

"Poll: If Trump loses do you plan on voting again? Posted on 11/13/20 at 12:19 pm

If Trump is forced out, unfortunately looking that way more and more every day. Most of us think its only a matter of time before shite hits the fan with all the policies that the Democrats have been discussing. Most of us believe that fraud occurred and if Trump loses this appeal, it will never come to light.

Do you plan on voting again if the system is so corrupt that it doesn't matter?

Upvote if Yes, Downvote if No"

Right now the Upvotes trail the Downvotes 86 to 90.

Now, I consider this big news. Theirs is a STAUNCHLY pro-trump, belligerent, obnoxious board. Delusional almost beyond belief. Fraud! Rigged! Stolen election! Hillary's emails! Benghazi! Benghazi! Impeachment hoax! Hunter's laptop! Blah blah blah blah blah.

Why am I especially encouraged? I know these people. Now, they might be lying... which would be typical, I guess.... but just to admit in front of their peers that they will not be voting in future elections is pretty telling. And if THESE folks are discouraged from voting right now I'm guessing that a few folks in Georgia, after their audit/recount proves no shenanigans, will opt out of voting in the two Senate races.

A comment from one of the respondents:

"If the Dems are allowed to steal this election in the dead of the night after stopping the count and trucking in ballots, then no. There will never be a free and fair election in the country again. whats the point"

To which I say BRAVO! You stay home, sore loser.

Something you won't hear Graham, Copeland, Robertson, Osteen, Schuller say

"We elected a decent man to the White House, so God rewarded us with a COVID vaccine."

Melania tells trump to give up the fight


Eric trump's brilliance.

“Software from hell! There needs to be a manual recount of every ballot in this country right now!”

Most of the electronic voting machines DON'T PROVIDE COUNTABLE BALLOTS, you fucking idiot. If we discarded those your demon biological father (I'm sure he was never a real "Dad" would lose by much more.

Will SNL be a new broadcast tonight?

Just wondering how fast they can script things. I've been astonished in the past how issue-quick South Park can be, but this would be a same day affair.

My biggest takeaway from tonight's awesome show: Kamala is INCREDIBLE.

What a talent.

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