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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 1,567

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Michael Caputo has gone BONKERS on Anderson Cooper 360


I'm sure rawstory.com will have the segment soon.


Lindsey Graham is a disgusting creature

I really don't care about his homosexuality, although it's pretty self-loathing, in my view, to embrace a political party that would despise him except for his power as a senator.

Aw fuck it... I was going to provide a whole list of how he disgusts me, but I'd be preaching to the choir, I think.

He's just fucking disgusting. I'll leave it at that.

In honor of his fellow Arizonan, I'm halfway expecting that Jeff Flake pulls a John McCain

and votes NO because this is not how the process should work.

Magicians as AGT winners

So last night Shin Lim joined Matt Franco as the only magicians to win the competition. I'm happy for him, as I would have been for any of the contestatns.

Except for Howie Mandel, who wears me out with that constant "America has to vote" line, I love America's Got Talent.... the best reality show on TV.

But for my money two magicians is two too many.

I guess it's the skeptic, atheist, freethinker in me. I'm NEVER impressed, ever. As I sit there watching I'm always trying to figure out how they're doing what they're doing, rather than being swept up in the show.

You see, I'm not sure everybody understands what I do: THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC.

And, seriously, folks... I'm a generally fun guy to be around.

Graham is arguing against liberty.


Kavanaugh has probably set a record for the number of times he says "precedent" as a basis

for his rulings.

But he's a cherry picking snake.

I refer you to the Agri Processor v. NLRB case of 2008, in which he dissented, against the union bargaining rights of undocumented immigrant workers, even when a similar case had been settled in 1976 (Sure Tan v. NLRB) in favor of undocumented laborers by a 7-2 majority. He even had the nerve to cite the DISSENT in that case as a basis for his own dissent in the newer one.

He claims that the IRCA of 1986 changed the bargaining rights of those workers, inasmuch as that act made it illegal for companies to hire undocumented immigrants... so they were no longer "employees" entitled to labor protections. But the majority in the Agri Processor case rebutted his logic, including with the fact that Congress never expressly nor implicitly indicated that it intended with IRCA to end labor protections.

But there's another curious thing about that matter... Kavanaugh would have protected Agri Processor against having to provide fair labor practices to its workers by illegally hiring them in the first place! That can only seem fair, appropriate, and legally intended by a SNAKE, in my view.

So, the AMI/National Enquirer arrangement: catch and kill

Pecker, friend of Trump, would buy exclusive rights to the stories of his lust interests, housekeeper, and doorman... and then not run the stories.

Now under ordinary circumstances that seems like a perfectly legal thing to do, and probably is, BUT

Trump was running for the presidency, the timing of the contracts was such as to keep the stories from damaging his campaign, and thus they amounted to in-kind contributions in violation of Federal campain finance laws.

Guliani's words today show us why Mueller MUST indict the Orange Shitbag

If President Donald Trump were impeached, "the American people would revolt," Guliani said. "You'd only impeach him for political reasons, and the American people would revolt against that".

Recall that just day before yesterday Guliani was defending Trump against the ramifications of the Cohen confessions with the line that there were no charges filed against Trump.

There MUST be official criminal charges, in my view, to remove that talking point from the lips of trumplodytes, because they're just that stupid to think that "unindicted co-conspirator" doesn't equate to high crimes and misdemeanors.

Looks to me like Rod Rosenstein saved America

and that with these convictions America is pulling through the orange disaster and will be stronger for it. There's a strong chance none of that would have happened without Rosenstein's non-partisan move to do the right thing.

When all is said and done he deserves a Medal of Freedom.

I'm feeling more optimistic with every flip.

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