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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 1,567

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Sequester this jury already.

This should have been about a half hour verdict on all counts.

Instead, they get to go home, party, watch movies, have weekend camping trips, and then come back to the courtroom for free lunches while getting time off from their jobs.

ANY jury for any case this high profile and important should have been sequestered from the get-go.

Dershowitz argued last night that the Trumps are not in violation of 52 U.S. Code 30121

because the information they sought from the Russians was not the sort of thing intended by "other thing of value" written into that statute. But even if it WAS intended then the statute, itself, is unconstitutional because there can be no restriction on a citizen merely seeking and receiving information.

To which I'd say to Mr. Dershowitz's face "you're not very smart in your old age, are you?"

His theory is laughably full of holes.

Make America Smart Again

Everybody wants to be considered among the smart people, right?

That slogan alone, while a troll, would win millions of flips.

Help me out of my pessimism. I think that convictions are going to be very difficult.

This country is so divided now it's like two religions. There seems to me little chance that that other side would serve correctly on juries. I gather that from my daily interactions: THEY JUST DON'T CARE if laws were broken; all they care about is winning against what they see as the moral evil in this world: "liberals". Their ends will justify their means... Republican criminals must walk free because they share the same religion.

My brother is a holy roller (and thus a trumplodyte) which makes family encounters very tricky

But I'm not holding back. He won't outwardly admit to being shamed, but I know that internally he very much is.

"The true shame of all this, Gary? Well, it's that you Republicans could have picked a decent person, instead... where now this country wouldn't be in such divisive turmoil...
and as a Christian you could have chosen somebody who represents Christianity well and embodies Christian principles... . but for racist purposes your party selected the rapist traitor pervert.

And the greatest sin, Gary, which is pride, comes before the fall. You can admit that you made a big mistake. You did."

Let's not forget that numerous people can corroborate Cohen's claim.

Flynn has certainly flipped. Manafort probably will. Stone, Gates, Papadopoulas.... they all know the truth, and they'll probably all spill the same beans.

In 20 years, half the population of the USA will live in just eight states

Sorry if this has already been discussed.

70% of Americans will live in 15 states, which means that 30% of our citizens will get to choose 70 of our Senators.

Those 30% will be older and whiter than the rest of the population.

Now, I have no native animus towards older white persons, being one myself, but it really, really bothers me that somebody's vote in Wyoming is worth eight or nine times as someone's in California. It's bullshit. The original constitutional intent (to bring the slave states into the fold) has long outlived its usefulness.


Seriously, what did they hope to discover with this SHIT SHOW?

Did they really expect that Peter Strzok would just say "hey, I admit it... this Russia investigation is a witch hunt and I started it for no other reason but that Donald Trump is a Republican!" ???

About those small black garden ponds. A warning.

The popular plastic ones... shovel a small hole and insert into ground, or just set it on the ground and stack some rocks on the side. Well...

This is my public service announcement for the year.

Yesterday we experienced the biggest tragedy that has ever befallen our family. My nephew, less than a year old, crawled up to one, climbed in, and drowned.

It was a freak occurrence all the way around. Apparently the dog, of all things, opened the back door and he crawled out behind him.

Such a sweet angel of a boy, too.

Not really seeking pity here... just so very shocked (and, to be honest, angry at the world right now) that I had to get the warning off my chest or I'll scream.

So, apparently it's Kavanaugh's opinion that Trump could murder anybody he chooses in broad daylight

and the law can't touch him?

What kind of bullshit is THAT?
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