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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 2,804

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These fuckers who are SO against "globalism", against the UN, so xenophobic, now

for the sake of an orange IDIOT will adopt the defense that involving foreign powers in our elections is perfectly acceptable and non-impeachable.

Fuck them.

So, today I can't eat beans, nuts, tomatoes, figs, leafy greens, brown rice, whole grain bread

Instead I'm eating white rice with butter.

Funny thing about a colonoscopy... avoid all the stuff that's good for you.

Who's going to produce, direct, and star in the trump movie?

All of this is just too juicy to not cinematize.

Am I the only one here dissatisfied with today's developments?

"Impeachment inquiry" doesn't sound like "impeachment" to me.

The most important point you'll see here all day.

Courtesy of brutus smith:

"Everyday impeachment is delayed, people just normalize trump's action."

THIS. A thousand times THIS.

Blasphemy: a National Sales Tax would be MUCH better than our present or any Income Tax system

Let me start by saying that I strongly disagree with the biggest myth that keeps us operating under an income tax system: that a national sales tax would disproportionately and unfairly hurt lower and middle class people. The reasons that's an incorrect assumption? 1) Because different items for purchase can easily be taxed at different rates 2) some items don't have to be taxed at all 3) taxes can be instituted on items and transactions that are not currently taxed 4) government refunds of sales taxes can be easily instituted.

On the contrary, it's our current income tax system that hurts the non-rich. Why? Several reasons: 1) Income is easy to hide, understate, and manipulate 2) Items and transactions that are deducted as expenses to lower taxation are not necessarily relevant nor necessary to producing the associated income (In other words, the fortunate can presently subsidize luxuries under the guise of expense). Furthermore, as far as our current system goes, there are many transactions which should be taxed but are not (most egregiously: the sales/transfers of equities and real property).

All that aside, I'm here as a former corporate accountant to tell you that fully one third of my work was devoted to satisfying government information and reporting mandates because of an income tax system. Elimination of income taxes (and most of the IRS) in favor of a much easier to operate national sales tax system would be a boon to corporate productivity.

Any Les Miles fans here?

So, I'm an LSU grad and fan, and was more than eager to replace him as head coach, but you gotta love him. Here's a quote from last night after his Kansas team pulled off a surprising upset on the road against Boston College:

"The city of Boston is known for such battles of revolution. The football team tonight willed to revolution of the team victory in triumph. Our men fought hard in such extreme toughness in conquering the team of fight."


And you know what? When he says things like that, even though his syntax is horrendous, he still makes perfect sense. Compare that to what a moron says:

“We have the cleanest water, the cleanest air that we’ve ever had in the history of our country, right now. Let’s say the history of our country over the last 25 years. I would say they probably had cleaner water, cleaner air because there was nobody here. So I have to be very accurate."

No fucking sense in that, whatsoever.

Not in love with my Instant Pot

Aside from the blatant lies about cooking times, and the blind SURPRISES you get, I find the menu system really confusing and unintuitive.

For example, I just tried to cook some plain white rice... put the hard rice in with the appopriate amount of water, closed it up, and pressed the "Rice" button. Sure sounds simple enough, right? But then the LED flashed 12:00 minutes... OK, I can deal with that... it's going to take 12 minutes once the pot is pressurized.... BUT THEN...

The led changes its display word to AUTO and a panel button marked "Keep Warm" lights up..... well short of the pressure time + 12 minutes. It's certainly not cooked, so why is it "Keeping my stuff Warm"? What sort of nonsense is that?

Either I have a defective pot or somebody needs to go back to the drawing board. With this much guess work I might as just use a regular pressure cooker.

So, why didn't Mueller mention the Deutsche Bank loan arrangements?


Because I'm not stupid.

That was my answer when one of the white people at a very white get-together, surprised to hear me defend Hillary Clinton against a smear, asked me "You're a Democrat??!!! Really? Why?"

I'm keeping it simple these days.

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