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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 4,007

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Just watched the Jeopardy Teen Tournament final. The eventual champ made a great point.

In the interview segment of the program each contestant was allowed to speak about anything they wished. The other two thanked their families for their support, which is great, and the eventual champion went on to explain why "trivia matters"....

Information allows us to understand, communicate, and connect with others, and most importantly IT FORMS THE BASIS OF ALL OPINIONS.

I thank him for saying so.

He was pressed for time, of course, but I think he left out something also important... I've always believed that the more information you gather the more you understand life in general, the more you can appreciate the beauty and intricacies of the world... which, in general, allows you to guide your life by light rather than by fear.

Huh? Politicianspeak: "I never, ever opposed voluntary busing".

WTF is that even supposed to mean?

If you weren't in favor of mandatory busing then you were opposed to busing, period.

"I was never, ever opposed to voluntarily surrendering your guns" is the same sort of statement a politician would use if he wanted to be mealy-mouthed about opposing some future mandatory gun buy back program should we ever finally decide that we don't want those on our streets.

Sorry, Joe... JUST ADMIT YOUR MISTAKE for chrissake.

I see this as a three person race now. Probably won't change, either.

It's Warren, Biden, or Harris.

Honestly, I'd like Buttegieg as my next President, but in a primary I'd pull the lever for Warren as a more realistic choice.

Favorite moment? Pete attacking the GOP's religious hypocrisy

Then Bennet defending the Statue of Liberty.

I loved all ten people.

Certainly the worst comment of the night

"I didn't oppose bussing. I was opposed to bussing ordered by the Department of Education."

BAD, BAD answer.

I'm sure I just disowned my family.

My facebook post just now:

This photo... YOU MUST SEE IT because it says so much... has me in tears.

These are HUMANS who try to come here... to avoid violence... to secure better lives for their children... who risk what little they have in desperation.

His other lies and crimes and policies that harm the environment and future in order to favor fatcats over hardworking people... those pale in comparison to his crimes against humanity. If you haven't seen those and admitted them then you're either f*ing blind or evil, yourself... no two ways about it.

So, this is the last straw for me. This is my Rubicon. This is my breaking point. This is NOT politics as usual. This is a rancid, putrid, perverted evil across America. So here's my advisory to my friends, family, whomever...

You vote for trump again and I will have nothing to do with you. It's over. I've had enough of your ignorance, excuse-making, stupidity, selfishness, racism, and lack of morality. I'm making a stand for HUMAN BEINGS, and sometimes that comes at a price. I'm willing to pay it.

Do you feel the opportunity for hellfire to rain upon his head fading away?

I do.

This namby pamby approach to politics is self-defeating.

There's a big reason Republicans have controlled Federal government for years now while representing only 40% of the population: they know how to play the game. They understand the power of sloganizing, castigating, invective, and action.

This Mike Pence on CNN is a piece of shit.

This reparations issue. Who started it and why?

I don't understand.

Maybe it has to be addressed. Maybe those should be paid, maybe not. It's a matter for honest debate.

But why now when even if the House passes reparations it's dead on arrival in the Senate? And especially under this atmosphere where the House is reluctant for an impeachment because "it will divide the country"?

Why not wait until we have the power to do something?

I can't resist the fundies at the abortion clinic here in Richmond

So, like every morning I was walking my two dogs and THIS time, I swear, I wasn't going to get into anything with those kooks, but one of them shoved a Jesus brochure at me.

So, I asked him: "and if I don't believe anything in this brochure what happens to me?"

He: "Then you won't have eternal life with him."

Goodheart: "Is there a hell? Do I go to hell?"

He: "Sadly yes."

Goodheart: "And what about these abortions... you call them unborn children, I call them fetusus. Do they have souls? Where do those souls go when they're aborted?"

He: "They are innocents who go to Heaven."

Goodheart: "What you're telling me is that by being born some of these souls won't believe in Jesus and will go to Hell. Isn't it better for them to be aborted?"

He: "No!"

Goodheart: "You don't make sense, but thanks for the chat."

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