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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,139

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Seriously, what did they hope to discover with this SHIT SHOW?

Did they really expect that Peter Strzok would just say "hey, I admit it... this Russia investigation is a witch hunt and I started it for no other reason but that Donald Trump is a Republican!" ???

About those small black garden ponds. A warning.

The popular plastic ones... shovel a small hole and insert into ground, or just set it on the ground and stack some rocks on the side. Well...

This is my public service announcement for the year.

Yesterday we experienced the biggest tragedy that has ever befallen our family. My nephew, less than a year old, crawled up to one, climbed in, and drowned.

It was a freak occurrence all the way around. Apparently the dog, of all things, opened the back door and he crawled out behind him.

Such a sweet angel of a boy, too.

Not really seeking pity here... just so very shocked (and, to be honest, angry at the world right now) that I had to get the warning off my chest or I'll scream.

So, apparently it's Kavanaugh's opinion that Trump could murder anybody he chooses in broad daylight

and the law can't touch him?

What kind of bullshit is THAT?

My Mount Rushmore of American Entertainment (all forms) . What's yours?

The Big Four (in no particular order)

Elvis Presley
Lucille Ball
Babe Ruth
Muhammad Ali

Next 10 Honorable Mention (in no particular order)

Michael Jackson
Clint Eastwood
Carol Burnett
John Wayne
Michael Jordan
Walt Disney
Stephen Spielberg
Stephen King
Meryl Streep

Who'd I leave out besides Secretariat?

(sorry.... meant to post this to the Lounge)

If by some shocking outcome the Democrats get back the House PLUS 67 Senate seats...

should Neil Gorsuch be impeached?

I say YES.

Is this Comey interview on "The View" a repeat?

This guy is so full of sanctimony it's actually fascinating.

Let's see.... one undocumented alien commits one murder in California...

and from that, for our safety, we're supposed to commit mass deportations.

Doesn't that logic also mean we should mass deport all our white males?

Channel 125 on SiriusXM Radio.... "Patriot radio" LOL


Caught a large chunk of something called the "Wilkow Majority" this afternoon on my ride home from Lake Charles.

I gotta say....

That one "patriot" host is not a high level thinker, and it would be charitable to call his arguments spurious or specious... those two adjectives would require some sort of will to deceive.... on the contrary, I just think the man is STUPID enough to believe Fox/Hannity's bullshit and his own false premises and non sequiturs.

I'll give you an example (paraphrased): "If Robert Mueller's investigation had anything criminal against Donald Trump about Russia they wouldn't be wasting their time on Stormy Daniels!"

I wonder.... how does Sirius meter their listenership? Nielsen style? Because while I don't want to pad his viewership numbers for ad dollars I gotta admit the comedy is fascinating.

Just saw some videos of Trump promising to "drain the swamp"... and it just hit me...

I never noticed this before.... he doesn't actually know what "draining the swamp" is SUPPOSED to mean metaphorically.

Instead of getting rid of people who don't play by the rules he thinks that "draining the swamp" means getting rid of the rules so that they can't be broken.

So, there now appears to me to have been a massive disconnect between him and his millions of voters. They thought he was campaigning against the evils of corruption when he was actually campaigning to end the technicalities of corruption to allow more evils. And I'm not sure he was actually deliberately deceiving them.

Did I miss something? What was so damaging to Hillary in those Wikileaks-hacked emails?

What exactly did they prove about the Clinton Foundation, for example?

Or did Julian Assange b.s. their contents when he shopped them to Stone, Trump Jr, et al?

Were they really worth going to prison over?

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