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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
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This reparations issue. Who started it and why?

I don't understand.

Maybe it has to be addressed. Maybe those should be paid, maybe not. It's a matter for honest debate.

But why now when even if the House passes reparations it's dead on arrival in the Senate? And especially under this atmosphere where the House is reluctant for an impeachment because "it will divide the country"?

Why not wait until we have the power to do something?

I can't resist the fundies at the abortion clinic here in Richmond

So, like every morning I was walking my two dogs and THIS time, I swear, I wasn't going to get into anything with those kooks, but one of them shoved a Jesus brochure at me.

So, I asked him: "and if I don't believe anything in this brochure what happens to me?"

He: "Then you won't have eternal life with him."

Goodheart: "Is there a hell? Do I go to hell?"

He: "Sadly yes."

Goodheart: "And what about these abortions... you call them unborn children, I call them fetusus. Do they have souls? Where do those souls go when they're aborted?"

He: "They are innocents who go to Heaven."

Goodheart: "What you're telling me is that by being born some of these souls won't believe in Jesus and will go to Hell. Isn't it better for them to be aborted?"

He: "No!"

Goodheart: "You don't make sense, but thanks for the chat."

CNN is reporting that Mueller never met with Manafort

Nor with any of trump's lawyers.

We already knew he never met with trump.

So here's a big WTF.

No fucking wonder he couldn't find sufficient evidence for a conspiracy. Sounds to me he didn't try very hard.

Not enough media attention to the big question

Why would he obstruct justice if he did nothing wrong?

Bullshit on this "unconstitutional" reason for not indicting the p.o.s.

Where does it say that?

Madame Speaker's number in Washington: 202-225-0100

Please call. Ring it off the hook. Express your displeasure at her inaction. I just did.

My son, a young man, a Democrat, tells us why the orange shit MUST be impeached

The powers that be tell me that trump's base will be energized if he's impeached? Fuck that nonsense. AS IF they're not energized already up to their ceiling.

My son tells me that if trump's NOT impeached that it will be a giant turn off, a discouragement, a lack of principled determination that will increase the chances of him staying home on election day.

So, pick a poison... more trump voters (yeah, riiiiiiiight) or fewer good guys, a very distinct likelihood.

"Sincere belief"

How the fuck can you come to the conclusion that trump held a "sincere belief" in his innocence when he WAS NEVER INTERVIEWED? How the fuck would a "sincere belief" in your own innocence excuse away obstruction any way?

And how the fuck can you assert as an Attorney General that "no crime was committed" unless you're ominiscient or deliberately gilding a stinking lily?

Why the fuck as Attorney General would you include the phrase "no collusion" in the first place when it's not a legal term, unless you've coordinated your excuses with the man who was so fond of repeating it over and over for public consumption?

Here's MY sincere belief, Bob Barr: you're a fucking hack and history won't be too kind to you.

What other noises cause cancer?

My dog just barked and woke me from my nap.... which was aggravating enough but now I'm worried that she gave me cancer, too. I might have to send her to the pound.

And when my wife comes home I'll have to tell her I didn't turn on the washing machine. Didn't bother to even load it, because what's the point?

Through the trump vs. George Conway spat who comes off the worst?

Kellyanne, no question. ZERO self-respect.
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