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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 08:19 PM
Number of posts: 1,295

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CNN just showed two hour lines at the Atlanta airport....

people waiting to clear security due to lack of TSA agents.

In the meantime, air traffic controllers are handing out flyers to people entering the terminals that this shutdown must end immediately.

He's at 37% approval? Unless he admits defeat that's only going to get a lot worse.

I've started attacking my trumpian brothers' and sisters' voting rights.

Their ethical voting rights, that is. I just told them they should be ashamed of themselves, that they've forfeited any ethical right to vote, and that they should keep their undiscerning, uninquisitive, fox-addled brains away from any polling place forever in the future.

A Russian agent in the White House endangering our national security, prosperity, and harmony by shutting down our government. What has this country come to, and who is responsible? People like my trumpian siblings, that's who. They might not be traitors in a legal sense, but what's the PRACTICAL difference? Not much that I can see.

I've been drinking, too... can you tell?

LOL. I think those jackasses actually believed Pelosi would agree to a Wall.


Has Whitaker ALREADY shut down the Mueller investigation?

I find the lack of recent indictments quite troubling.

Imagine if someone like Nick Mulvaney were president

Evil bastard who is intelligent.... a master of specious argumentation who would probably be more effective than an obviously insane asshole at argumentation and policy implementation.

God I love her!

The trumps don't have a dog in the White House,

breaking a 130 year tradition.

I've often wondered if Melania likes dogs but doesn't have a choice in the matter. I've also wondered which of these is the primary reason donald wouldn't want one:

- he's incapable of love.
- he'd be jealous that some living thing is more loved than he is... in his own place of residence, no less.

"Me" versus "I"

Of course there are grammar rules as to which is proper within a sentence, but after hearing several instances of misuse on TV this morning I'm becoming convinced that within the next few years the rules will be tossed out and the two words will become acceptably interchangeable everywhere.

It seems to me that in most cases where "I" is used improperly the speaker wants to sound more educated than he really is.... for example, "Merry Christmas from Betty and I" or "Between you and I, the Celtics are the better team." In the old days those would have made one's ears bleed, but no more.

My prediction: McConnell will go nuclear.

And the Senate will forever have lost its dignity as a deliberative body.

I just don't see how a supreme narcissist could ever admit to being wrong. And I can't see, either, how wise or moderate voices could ever have more sway over him than do fawning idiots like Limbaugh and Ingraham and Hannity, who as rich people have little if anything to lose by a government shutdown.

This will be a long disaster, but in desperation McConnell will sacrifice the Senate.

Won't this be paid vacation?

Don't these Federal workers historically get paid later for any work missed?

I'm sure most Federal employees are proud enough to not want it this way, but, hey, at least there's a silver lining.

It's we laypersons who should be pissed!

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