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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,050

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Cheeses frigging cripes. Have you seen this shit?


Where's donald? Has the Lincoln Project caused a brain hemorrhage?

Don't see many tweets.

Anybody else think that "got him!" indicates they would have shot Mr. Brooks even without that tazer


Jeezus.... there was almost zero time between when Brooks fired the tazer and when he was shot in the back. In other words, "got him!" wasn't a response to the tazer but just the culmination of the pursuit. It was always the goal of the chase to "get him!"


Bodycam footage of Atlanta shooting of Rayshard Brooks

Well, actually, the shooting is not on this video, but the altercation that preceded it.

So, is resisting arrest a capital offense when he's no mortal threat to anybody? I call this MURDER.


I had this policeman friend who killed a man

It was an accident, BUT.

Here's the story....

While patrolling in the New Orleans area he spotted a speeding driver. So gave pursuit. The speeder, having noticed that he was being chased, went even faster. MUCH faster. My friend didn't slow down. He continued in hot pursuit. MUCH hotter. So hot, in fact, that both vehicles ran a traffic signal... the violator made it through the intersection, but my police officer friend smashed into an innocent crossing car. Killed that innocent driver instantly. Needless to say, the speeder got away.

The moral of this story?


This is what this new Atlanta story reminded me of. Needless death. Unwarranted death. Death that doesn't fit the crime. Even IF the deceased had committed some sort of petty crime.....


Concerning the Andrew Jackson statue in Lafayette Square

Is it still there?

Concerning its twin statue down in New Orleans: its days are numbered.

What's really ironic about the Bolton situation

BOTH sides, left and right, will consider him a traitor.

Was it worth it, Captain Kangaroo? Your book is going to tank, anyway.

trump threatened this morning to withhold pay raises for the military if

Congress agrees to remove Confederate names from our military bases.

WTF. That'll play well.

And for WHAT? To hang onto the redneck racist vote? What's a New Yorker's emotional investment in Confederate generals, anyway?

I mean, seriously.... he is the DUMBEST motherfucker that ever set foot in Washington, and for that, at least, I'm grateful.

Imagine if somebody just as evil but genuinely smart occupied the White House? This country would be over by now.

Jefferson Davis took a tumble last night.

I know some outraged Richmonders. Fuck 'em. Aside from the monument to treason aspect of it, that shit was gaudy.


The Mississippi state flag: is it headed for the trash bin soon?

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