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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 07:19 PM
Number of posts: 3,051

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While opening a video of Secretariat in the 1973 Belmont I ran across this

So, OK, Secretariat gives me chills and makes me weep every time I watch him, but so did this:


They're going to pull a Scalia

5-4 to keep them sealed.

"Releasing trump's tax returns would be unfair to his presidency, but this ruling applies to this one case only and is not to be used as a precedent."

Anybody else watch "The Staircase" on Netflix?

I guess it's really unlikely to give "spoilers" here because the Michael Peterson trial was so public, but if you don't know his verdict or fate and you're interested in seeing the documentary then it's probably best not to read the rest of this.

Anyway, a few observations:

- Peterson is AS GUILTY AS SIN. I don't have to see the many details of the case left out of the documentary to state that as a juror I would have voted to convict.

- It's very difficult to not be disgusted by paid "expert witnesses", Dr. Henry Lee in particular. You remember Dr. Lee, don't you? The so-called "splatter expert" made famous by the O.J. trial? Well, he's part of this circus, too, and his schtick is very obvious: get rich by playing contrarian to logic, to soak up big bucks from desperate but rich clients. He has no shame.

- It's very easy to be disgusted by public officials who create or lie about evidence, and I feel that if they're caught they should face the same penalties the defendant would have gotten if convicted. There's one guy in this case, for example, who robbed an innocent man of 17 years of his life, cheating that man of watching his daughter grow, graduate, get married, and having his grandson. Absolutely disgusting. And as painfully obvious as it is to me that Peterson is guilty, he certainly was entitled to a new trial.

- Some criminal defense attorneys are not even human, in my book. I could not in a million years lend my expertise to defending somebody I KNOW beyond a reasonable doubt murdered at least one, if not two, women in his life. Yes, they have a job to do, but I couldn't do it. And despite his attorney's insistence that Peterson had nothing to do with those deaths I just can't buy it. As the evidence piled up he's just oblivious... guess that's the mindset you have to take.

- It's outrageous in this country what advantages a rich person has within our justice system. This Peterson guy was able to hire a team... strike that, it was like an entire COMMITTEE.. of defense lawyers, who in turn then hired multiple practice jurors, video presentation experts, took plane trips to Germany, hired so-called "experts" to appear at trial, etc., etc. If Peterson spent less than $5 million on his defense I'd be shocked. A poor man who couldn't do those things would have gotten a day in court and then thrown immediately into the slammer.

Best musical group of all time?

1. New Order

Everybody else.

What depresses me more than anything.

There's too much world.

There's so much to read, so many movies to see, so many works I know are great but I'll never get around to them. Classics, moderns, life is too short.

Too many skills to master. I'd like to learn the piano, take up woodworking, do my own writing, finally master calculus, and on and on. Can't find the time for it all.

Too many places to see. Too many people to meet and befriend.

I guess it's a lot better than running out of things. But I'm so small within what we DO have that I find it all depressing.

Guess I shouldn't think about it.

Breaking news on MSNBC: South Korean researchers have determined

that it is impossible for people who have been infected with Covid 19 to be reinfected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, give me my antibody test!

Anybody play this board game?

Seems very fitting at this time.

By the way... I've played it. It's challenging and fun. Plays well with just two people, too. The more the merrier, though. Would make a great family night.

My question for a Flat Earther

Yeah, it wouldn't be "Explain a lunar eclipse. What makes the shadow on the moon?" They have an answer for that: that's not really a shadow. The moon is a self-changing light capable of forming shapes, like an LED panel. blah blah blah

And, no, it wouldn't be "Why do ships disappear over the horizon, bottom first?" They have an answer for that, too: that's just refraction of light. blah blah blah

None of those answers make a lick of sense, of course, and I'm certain they'll have an answer, too, for the one I want to ask... it's just that I've had a fascination with these people lately, and I've seen umpteen youtube videos about them and their whacky "theory", but I've never seen anybody ask them something obvious:

"Your claim is that the powers that be, and NASA, and astronauts, and governments, and historians, and who knows else have all been false with you... that the photos are fake, the experiments are fake, the math is wrong, the instruments are rigged, blah blah blah. But answer me this: WHY? WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? Why is it important to those powers that you should believe the Earth is round instead of flat?"

Seems like an obvious question, but curiously I can not find it posed to any Flat Earther on any youtube I've seen. Anybody?

Got my stimulus payment this morning. So how do I contribute to the Biden campaign?

This orange fucker needs to go down.

Susan Sarandon has tweeted a link is support of the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden.

Seriously, fuck that bitch.
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