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Member since: Sat Apr 8, 2017, 10:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,588

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The sun has returned to Houston.

It is windy but dry.

Now comes the hard part.

Everyone in Harvey's path take care.

My little neighborhood is quiet again.

This sure did not feel like a Sunday.

We had another band of rain after dark but it is over.

Our ditches did their job and the streets and yards are drained for the most part.

More rain is coming but we not right now
I am one thankful person right now.

My yard is clear of water and my house is safe.

The most I had was one foot in the yard.

My drainage system worked.

I put it in after Allison.

This was the first time it really tested like this.

I am here watching tv and eating a late supper.

What a few days.

Houston was built on a swamp and lies from the Allen Brothers.

From the beginning Houston was the bayou city.

I grew up playing by White Oak Bayou.

Kids were drawn to the bayou.

I was born in Houston.

Harvey will not kick our ass.

Houston had floods before.

There was a major flood in the 30's.

My neighborhood flooded then.

I really hate that trump is coming my city to make a show of himself.

Houston and Harris County went blue in the election.

Time for bed.

Everyone in harms way of Harvey take care.

Some good news from Houston.

So my neighborhood near down town is looking better.

It stopped raining and the street is draining.

My yard is mostly is clear of water.

Might rain more but for now things are looking better.

The birds have returned and are singing.

So I took a little nap and woke up in time for the news.

The Mayor of Houston made the right call.

The thought of thousands of people trapped in their cars with this weather is to terrible to think.

Now the asshole in the white house did the right thing and signed a paper any president would have done.

He is acting like he did something special.

No he just did his job.

Now he is coming to Texas on Tuesday.

Please he will act like he stopped the rain himself.

The Mayor of Houston did the right thing.

Just remember what happened with Rita.

Lives were saved.

Do not come to the greater Houston area without a boat.

I live in a area higher in elevation so I am ok.

My drainage system is working great.

No standing water in my yard.

Other people are not so lucky.

It is still raining .

It did stop for awhile which really helped.

The ditch was empty before the rain started again.

On September 11, 1961 Hurricane Carla hit the Texas coast.

The landfall was between Port Lavaca and Port O Connor.

Not that far away from Rockport where Harvey has landed.

I remember Hurricane Carla.

I was 7 years old on my Grandparents farm.

We were in the worst of that storm.

The eye went over us.

Everything got really still.

My Grandfather and brothers went out to take care of the animals very quickly.

I can still remember the sound of the wind.

It seems like Carla lasted several days.

I remember sleeping between my mother and sister.

The wind howling around the farm house.

Pitch dark outside.

We would have been safer in Houston.

The farm house would shake a little.

Stay safe Rockport.

The 13th was my Father's birthday and he was a WW 2 Vet.

There are 11 other WW2 Vets surrounding my Father's grave.

Four of the graves are women Vets.

I did place flowers on Father's grave also a small American flag.

I also placed American flags on the other Vets grave.

Just my way of saying thank you for their service.

It is our WW 2 now.

We are facing the same sorry people who just want to hate, injure, and kill.

I am not scared of these nazi's.

I am very proud of the people on Saturday who fought back against the nazis and the kkk.

This fight will not be over in a few days or weeks.

We will win.

As a daughter of a WW2 vet and a family full vets including myself.

I am not afraid of this Nazi clowns.

They are cowards.

Do not fear them.

We out number them.

They will run if it would really get bad.

I did not spent four years in the Army for nothing.

My Father chased down Nazi subs in a PBY flying boat.

These want a be Nazi clowns would run if faced with a real fight.

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