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Russel Honore on Feds in Portland: 'What kind of bullsh-t is this!?'

Extremely important segment, please watch in full, from the first quote from the Oregon AG filing suit, to Honoré, to Williams' reference to Timothy Snyder's book On Tyranny:


Retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré is blasting the Trump administration for deploying anonymous federal agents into Portland, OR as Trump officials suggest they might do the same in more U.S. cities.

Honoré is amazing as usual here, says Wolfe should be run out of Washington, has no business being in charge of Homeland Security, and says the federal forces in Portland are a lawless group who wear militarized uniforms to intimidate people, to look like warriors, and aren't good representatives of law enforcement.

Brian Williams pulls no punches either: "When we say Feds what we mean is no name name tags, not easily identifiable militarized camo-wearing quasi-secret police force that our friend Steve Schmidt has called 'federal stormtroopers and jackbooted thugs.'"

Finally: Timothy Snyder's On Tyranny:

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